• September 3rd, 2021 Virtual Racial Justice Summit


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    September 2021 Summit


    1:00-1:35 Opening Panel on Lessons Learned in Implementing Racial Justice & Antiracism in OUSD Schools



    1:45-3:15 Concurrent Racial Justice Workshops:


    • Ethnic Studies 101 & OUSD’s Framework
    • Implementing the George Floyd Resolution & Police-Free Schools
    • Cultivating Healing & Community in the Classroom
    • Equity Traps: Developing Mindfulness & Counter-Strategies
    • Preventing & Addressing Islamophobia and Bullying in Our Schools
    • Equity in Family Engagement: Parent Teacher Home Visit (PTHV) Training




    Ethnic Studies 101 & OUSD’s Framework

    Facilitators: Leah Aguilera (Ethnic Studies TSA), Chela Delgado (CCPA Ethnic Studies Teacher), Marisa Villegas (Latino/a Student Achievement)


    • Overview OUSD’s Ethnic Studies framework, including pedagogical principles, and dialogue on implementation of antiracist and culturally responsive curriculum in classrooms and beyond.
    • Ground in student outcomes, performance assessment projects, and learnings in Oakland’s current context.



    Link to Ethnic Studies Workshop SLIDE DECK HERE ]


    Implementing the George Floyd Resolution & Police-Free Schools

    Facilitator: Misha Karigaca (George Floyd Design Team and Attendance & Discipline Support Services)


    • Identify our roles in helping to implement police-free schools and building cultures of true safety.
    • Locate our work within the broader ecosystem of systemic change in OUSD.



    Please Note: A portion of the workshop was not included in the recording, pardon the interruption!


    Link to Police-Free Schools Workshop SLIDE DECK HERE ]


    Cultivating Healing & Community in the Classroom

    Facilitators: Leilani Salvador (BAY-Peace Director) & Youth Leaders Cinthya Barron-Broussard & Sam Martinez


    • Understand the 5 principles of Healing-Centered Engagement and begin making concrete plans for how we can integrate them into our classroom routines and curriculum outlines.



    Link to Healing & Community Workshop SLIDE DECK HERE ] 


    Equity Traps: Developing Mindfulness & Counter-Strategies

    Facilitators: Lailan Sandra Huen (Equity - Antiracist Learning), Eve Delfin (Equity - Latino Targeted Specialist)


    • Explore the most common ‘equity traps’ in schools that are shaped by racist belief systems.
    • Develop mindfulness around how these show up in Oakland schools and how we can interrupt these behaviors.
    • Share experiences in small groups to collaboratively develop counter-strategies to show up for racial justice.



    Link to Equity Traps Workshop SLIDE DECK HERE ] 


    Preventing & Addressing Islamophobia and Bullying in Our Schools

    Facilitators: Jehan Hakim (Equity, Arab American Specialist)


    • Deepen an understanding of the definition of Islamophobia, its historical context and its impact on American Muslim youth.
    • Understanding how to address and prevent bullying in our schools, and develop ideas for Bullying Prevention Month in October.



    Link to Islamophobia Workshop SLIDE DECK HERE ] 


    Equity in Family Engagement: Parent Teacher Home Visit (PTHV) Training


    Facilitator: Raquel Jimenez, Ylda Garica, Judith Mendez (Office of Equity) 

    • Build intentional relationships with students’ families to engage them as partners to assure equity and access for all of our students. 
    • Understand OUSD’s anti-racist family engagement framework and learn about the virtual PTHV adapted protocol and best practices.


    FYI this training is required to be in-person and cannot be recorded.


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