• Work Order System (School Dude)

    Work Order

    • From the District Webpage, click on the OUSD Intranet, and then click on the Work Order System Dashboard icon.
    • Designated site users must register first in order to obtain a username and password to access the application.
    • If you have any questions regarding this system, call the Customer Service Center (510) 535-2718. There is a webinar also available on the intranet for your convenience.


    Work Requests - Who Should Place Them?

    • Designated Administrative Office Staff
    • Site Custodian


    Telephone Orders and Repairs

    Requests for telephone repair/service should be placed on the B&G Work Order system.

    Broken Windows or Doors

     Contact Customer Service immediately (510) 535-2718 for all windows and/or doors that need repair and are possible gain entry to the school site.


    Electrical problems

    • Power outage - please contact Customer Service (510) 535-2718. Please provide: school name, site number, approximate time of power outage and contact phone number for the estimated time power is to be restored. B&G will contact PG&E if necessary.
    • Purchasing of lamps is the site's responsibility - all light fixtures accessible by an 8’ft stepladder are the responsibility of the site custodian and should not be put online for repair.
    • Buildings and Grounds will replace and/or repair all inaccessible fixtures above an 8’ft ladder, lighting ballast and/or exterior fixtures.


    Please feel free to contact Mark Cavalli, Coordinator - email: mark.cavalli@ousd.org or Angelica Ochoa, Administrative Assistant III – angelica.ochoa@ousd.org if you have any questions or need assistance.