• Reporting an Emergency

    What is an Emergency?

    It is imperative that “Emergency” is called in to Customer Service & Support Center (510) 535-2718 (and not submitted as a work order in School Dude) during normal business hours.

    Something that needs to be done immediately in order to:

    • Protect the health and safety of students, employees or other persons at a site.
    • Prevent damage to the integrity of the site. For example: broken window or door, burglar alarm, sewer back-up, broken water line, power outage or gas leaks.


    Emergencies between 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday

    • Contact the Customer Service & Support Center at (510) 535-2718. Please do not contact PG&E directly; B&G will contact them if necessary.
    • Emergencies outside of these hours are considered after-hours emergencies.


    After-hours Emergencies

    • Contact B&G On-Call at (510) 535-2718 (for emergency requests only)
    • All non-emergencies should be entered on the Work Order database (SchoolDude)