• OUSD Bullying Prevention Video Contest WINNERS 




    Here is a compilation of ALL of the winners and runner-ups: CHECK THEM OUT! 



     OUSD Bullying Prevention Video Contest:

    Contest Flyer


    What Would You Do? is a bullying prevention video contest to inform your peers about their rights and share ways how you can prevent bullying from happening in your school and community. The month of October is National Bullying Prevention Month. We asked TK-12 students to submit their short videos through social media platforms. Prizes will be awarded to the top videos and videos submitted will be compiled for educational purposes to prevent bullying in OUSD schools. 



    1. If you were a principal for a day, what would you do to prevent or stop bullying?
    2. How can you be an upstander when an individual in your community experiences racism and harassment? Cyberbullying? LGBTQ bullying?  Asian hate or violence? Islamophobia?
    3. Create your own video, based on a scenario you’ve experienced, using your creativity to show strategies to prevent or intervene in bullying at school or in our community.