Each student-athlete must do the below before each season begins:


    • ENROLL AT MONTERA: Each student-athlete must either be enrolled the After School Program (ASP) OR pay $50 per season (not per sport).
      • For both options, the student must fill out the After School Program google form so Montera has their information.
      • If your student is doing sports only, the fee due is $50 per season (not per sport). Please pay $50 through PayPal.
      • If your student is enrolled generally in ASP (beyond sports), pay the sliding scale registration fee as specified on the google form. The $50 sports fee is waived as it's included in the general ASP fee.
    • COMPLETE FORMS: Complete all four physical evaluation documents (history, exam, medical eligibility, parent permission). Links to these forms are listed as "Quick Links" on the right side of this page.
    • EMAIL FORMS: Email the Medical Eligibility and Parent Permissions forms only to Montera ASP & Sports Coordinator Daral Smith at daral.smithii@ousd.org.
    • REGISTER WITH OAL: Register your student with the Oakland Athletic League (OAL) for the season by filling out this google form (also accessible by starting at the OAL website and picking "OAL Sports Participant Registration" under the Compliance tab)


    Each student-athlete must meet the below requirements to remain in the Sports Program:


    • Standard academic eligibility under OAL (2.0 GPA).
    • Have an attendance rate of 93% the previous semester.
    • Meet behavior standards and have approval from admin/principal.
    • Sign in at the MUR prior to 3:45 PM before going to sports practice.


    Additional Eligibility Requirements for Student-Athletes from the Oakland Athletic League (OAL)


    COVID Refund Policy: TBA


    Please direct questions to: Daral Smith at daral.smithii@ousd.org