• Welcome to the Roosevelt Music Program!

  • The Roosevelt Music Program aims to build character through the learning, playing and performing of music, individually and together as a group. We will learn music theory, notation, composition and arranging. Our goal is to develop musical skills, discipline and personal perception as a performer, while building an understanding of the unique and important role that every individual plays in a musical ensemble, be it Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Choir, or Exploring Music. To support our goals we request that students actively participate in class, fulfill their written assignments, practice their instrument at least a minimum of 130 minutes per week and must attend all performances (see calendar).

  • Parent Volunteers and Supporters.

    The Music Department is looking for parents interested in establishing a core group of organizers with the skills to maintain the website, generating financial backing, and support perfomances and outings with recordings and picture for the Music Program.

    If you are interested, please email Mr. Porter.