Measure Y Bond

  • In November 2020, Oakland voters passed Measure Y, a $735 million School Facilities Improvement Bond. This bond was placed on the ballot by the Board to fund improvements needed across the District. Some of the expenditures include major repairs to fix deteriorating classrooms, bathrooms, plumbing, potentially faulty electrical systems, heating, and air conditioning, and leaky roofs. The bond money will also be spent on the renovation of the existing school buildings and the construction of new facilities.  In March 2021, the current OUSD Board ratified the Measure Y spending plan, which gave the Facilities Department the green light to start to plan out the construction projects on the spending plan.  Prioritization of projects have begun as well as the planning of the projects


    Capital investments that are currently included in the Facilities Spending Plan include: 


    Coliseum College Prep. Academy

    Elmhurst Unified MS

    Garfield ES 

    McClymonds HS 

    Melrose Leadership Academy 

    Roosevelt MS


    Feel free to click here to see the full Measure Y Spending Plan.