Initiative 4 - Growing a Diverse and Stable Staff

  • The importance of educators whose lived experiences reflect those of their students is often underappreciated, yet numerous reports point to the importance of educators of color in accelerating learning for students of color and addressing persistent opportunity and achievement gaps. 


    Studies have shown that high quality educators of color improve academic achievement for students of color. A diverse workforce is also essential to district improvement efforts, as it builds citizenship and mutual understanding, shifts teacher mindsets, motivates risk-taking and challenging of the status quo, provokes thought, spurs innovation, and provides role models and welcoming environments for students of color.


    However, barriers exist for educators of color—both teachers and administrators—to enter and advance in the education profession. Even in California, where the educator workforce is more racially and ethnically diverse, the diversity gap between teachers and students has barely narrowed, and in some cases widened, in the last 20 years. Therefore, targeted strategies must be employed to attract, develop and retain teachers and administrators of color.

Initiative 4 Working Group

  • Working Group Co-Chairs

    Sarah Glasband, Talent, OUSD

    Lisa Rothbard, Talent, OUSD

    Jorge Lerma, Latino Education Network 

    Kim Mayfield, Holy Names 


    Working Group Participants

    • Alexis Ayala Alvarado, OUSD student leader (ACC)
    • Angelica Jongco, Public Advocates
    • Assata Olugbala, Community Member
    • Carmen Mandic, Teacher, OUSD
    • Daniel Guzman, OUSD Equity Office
    • Justine Santos, Californians for Justice
    • Kamisha McLean, West Oakland Middle School Teacher, OUSD
    • Kampala Taiz-Rancifer, Teacher, OUSD
    • Kyra Mungia, Mayor’s Office
    • Lusa Lai, Principal, Franklin Elementary
    • Micia Mosely, Black Teacher Project
    • Monica Montenegro, East Bay Consortium
    • Tara Gard, OUSD Chief Talent Officer

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Working Group Notes