Initiative 3 - Creating Inspiring Schools

  • A school thrives when students, families, staff, and community work together to intentionally design (1) learning experiences that bring joy to students, (2) learning environments that are unconditionally inclusive to all, and (3) learning spaces that foster creativity and inspiration. By partnering deeply with the community, we can transform school culture and climate so we are better equipped to tap into the unique talents and gifts of every student and staff member in our district, and we can better break down barriers to student achievement. 


    The design of schools must start by centering the experiences and voice of young people— especially those who have historically been most marginalized: Black students, English learners and unhoused youth. It starts with trusting relationships between students, community, and staff. It requires a student-centered approach to teaching and learning in which students’ identities, lived experiences and cultural strengths are affirmed and nurtured. This is how we create spaces where all students feel safe, welcomed and liberated.

Initiative 3 Working Group

  • Working Group Co-Chairs

    Andrea Bustamante, OUSD


    Curtiss Sarikey, OUSD


    Greg Hodge


    Working Group Participants

    • Barb McClung, Director Behavioral Health OUSD
    • Emma Paulino, Faith in Action
    • Iminah Ahmad, OUSD Equity Office
    • Kimi Sakashita, Dir Center for Healthy Schools & Communities, County Public Health
    • Martha Pena, OUSD After School Programs
    • Monica Thomas, OUSD
    • Natalie Gallegos, OUSD student leader (ACC)
    • Nicole Knight, Director, ELLMA Office, OUSD
    • Nidya Baez, Assistant Principal, Fremont High School
    • Pecolia Manigo, George Floyd Safety Plan & Black Reparations
    • Saa'un Bell, Californians for Justice
    • Savannah Shange, Black Organizing Project ( George Floyd Safety Plan)
    • Sonny Kim, Coordinator SEL, OUSD
    • Tadashi Nakadegawa, OUSD Facilities
    • Teiahsha Bankhead, Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY)
    • Young Whan Choi,Manager of Performance Assessments, OUSD

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Working Group Notes