Initiative 2 - Supporting Powerful Graduates

  • We know that the world for which we are preparing our children is fast-changing, and that the paths they will travel are still emerging. The expectations in today’s workplaces are different than they were just a few decades ago. A new design for learning, especially in high schools, is needed. Whether entry-level positions acquired out of high school or careers requiring advanced degrees, today’s jobs require a core set of cognitive, social-emotional and technical skills with which we must prepare all of our graduates. 


    If Oakland graduates are to become the problem solvers and innovators of tomorrow, we must work urgently to find opportunities for Oakland students to practice being resilient learners, collaborative teammates, community leaders, critical thinkers, and creative problem solvers in workplaces, civic spaces and other venues where they can tackle real-world problems. 


    These opportunities can be found throughout Oakland and the Bay Area. Learning can expand beyond the classroom walls, in both physical and virtual spaces. Our students should benefit from music lessons, language lessons, museum and college visits, science exploration, and internships available throughout the greater community. The whole Bay Area can be a classroom if we are all aligned around a shared commitment to educating our children.

Initiative 2 Working Group

  • Working Group Co-Chairs

    Lucia Moritz, OUSD


    David Kakishiba, EBAYC


    Working Group Participants

    • Anai Melendrez, 6th Period Carpenter Apprentice and Former OUSD Student
    • Barbara Leslie, Chamber of Commerce
    • Clayton Evans, CTE Teacher, McClymonds High School
    • Dr. Siri Brown, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
    • Elizabeth Paniagua, Coordinator of Post-Secondary Readiness, OUSD
    • Emiliano Sanchez, CTE Trades and Apprenticeships, OUSD
    • Eric Shanks, Executive Director of Cypress Mandela
    • Gilbert Pete, Coordinator, Business to School, OUSD
    • Marcel Green, Student, Fremont High School
    • Mia Bonta, CEO, Oakland Promise
    • Rebecca Lacqoue, Linked Learning Office, OUSD
    • Sandra Ernst, Director, College Access and College Completion, Oakland Promise
    • Tiago Robinson, OUSD Equity Office
    • Xochil Diaz- Suarez, Student Leader (ACC)

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Working Group Notes