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    SPTO 2021-22 Board Recruitment


    The Sequoia Parent Teacher Organization (SPTO) is a non-profit organization made up of all Sequoia community members. SPTO performs three critical functions to support the Sequoia community: providing volunteers, organizing community-building events and fundraising for key aspects of the school experience. 


    SPTO is looking for volunteers to take on a variety of leadership roles in the 2021-22 school year. In particular, the SPTO Board wants to reach parents and caregivers who might be new to these discussions. You do not need any prior volunteer experience to join the Board. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Joining the SPTO Board is a great way to learn about the way our school works, and to help decide how the parent/caregiver community can best support it.


    This is YOUR chance to speak up, dig in, and make a difference at Sequoia!


    If you or anyone you know might be interested in joining the Board, please contact us at sptocochair@gmail.com. We will gladly answer your questions and provide more detailed job descriptions. Most positions can be filled by one or two people. While some of the current positions are held by people willing to continue another year in their roles, all positions are up for vote yearly, as per SPTO bylaws. 


    We hope to vote in our new Board members for the 21-22 school year at our May 19th meeting.


    SPTO Officer Positions:


    Co-Chair (x2)

    Call and preside over the SPTO meetings; liaise with the principal; coordinate SPTO activities; sign documents (including checks).


    Co-Treasurer (x2)

    Manage all receipt of funds and expenditures; maintain budget; oversee accounting; present a summary financial statement at each meeting.


    Co-Secretary (x2)

    Record and maintain minutes for all meetings; secure meeting space for school events, including meetings; provide food, childcare, and logistical support for meetings.


    SPTO Coordinator Positions:


    Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator: 

    Work with school leaders and event leads to determine volunteer needs (including room parents); recruit and orient volunteers; check-in with and thank volunteers.


    Fundraising & Events Coordinator: 

    Revise and improve upon existing fundraising strategies to maximize revenue, while minimizing donor fatigue; coordinate with event leads to ensure fundraising goals are met.


    Communications Coordinator 

    Spearhead improvement for schoolwide parent communications; use and develop tools to ensure clear communications between SPTO and members of our parent/caregiver community; maintain SPTO website, newsletter, and calendar.


    Flex Member (Member at Large): 

    Sequoia Affinity Groups are invited to each send one representative to participate in SPTO Board meetings. The Flex Member is invited to share any concerns or requests with SPTO, participate in Board discussions, and report back to the Affinity Group about those discussions. This role is intended to be a low commitment, flexible opportunity for deeper engagement with members of our community whose voices may not otherwise be heard.