New for Spring 2021: Dance Classes

    "Dance as a Language"

    Cub Dancers


    Monthly all-school Dance Classes 

    with Ms. Maureen and Mr. Terrance 
    First Mondays, 12:00pm - 1:00pm


    On the first Monday of each month of Spring 2021, Cleveland Connects will be hosting a series of four dance classes.

    Maureen Whiting, former Cleveland mom and choreographer, and dancer Terence Paschal will lead the classes. Students will learn to use movement to communicate feelings and to relieve stress and anxiety during these trying times.

    Zoom info: check student classroom schedules for Cleveland Connects meetings, Mondays at noon.

    All grades are welcome!

    "Dance as Language" classes, as well as an upcoming video series called “Dance Learn Dance” (learning math through movement), are offered by Maureen Whiting Dance Company, with funding assistance from Oakland Education Fund.


    Spring 2020 Dance Video Archive

    Explore fun video lessons from Spring 2020. These short lessons by Mr. Terrance and Ms. A'Jenae are perfect for at-home learning, even in small spaces.

    Learn The Robot!
    This hip-hop dance tutorial by Mr. Terrence breaks down the popular robot dance.
    Click the pop-out arrow in the upper right corner to play.