COVID In-Person Learning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    The TK-5 Mandatory Student Preferences Form (MSP) was distributed to gather the information we need to help the District determine details regarding the in-person learning that schools can offer when allowed. Once responses are gathered from all families at each school, schools will work to analyze the information and, when ready, be able to provide families more information as to which specific schedules may become available at their school site.


    Mandatory Student Preference Form

    How long is my response to the MSP intent to return form good for?

    The remainder of the 2020-21 school year.


    What if I change my mind before Tuesday, March 2?

    Tuesday, March 2 is the deadline so staff can figure out what schedules will work for the students and staff who intend to return. If you have completed the Commitment form but change your mind prior to that date (March 2), please submit a new form to indicate your updated response before the deadline.


    Can I change my decision after March 2?

    You can opt out of in-person learning into distance learning, but you cannot opt into in-person learning for this school year after this deadline.


    What if I don't respond?

    If we do not hear from your family, the default will be to continue in remote learning until the end of this school year. Principals and other school staff will be reaching out to every family from whom a commitment form is not submitted.


    What if I received a form for one of my children but not the other? 

    We are asking families of TK-5 students to provide their preferences regarding in-person or distance learning first. Families with students at other grade levels will receive a form to complete for their early childhood and/or secondary students in the following weeks. 


    In-Person Learning Details

    Who will be with my child on campus?
    We are still determining these details. This means that your child may not be with their classroom teacher in-person. Once each school has complete information about the staff who are returning and the students who are returning, we will reach out with more information about the actual schedules and in-person supports that are available.

    How many days/hours will be offered for in-person learning?
    The schedules and offerings will depend on the number of students and staff who indicate they want to return to in-person learning this year.


    If the schedule offered doesn’t work for my student, can I go back to distance learning?
    Yes, you can choose to not enroll in the in person schedule offered to you. 


    Next Steps:

    What happens next for families who would like their student to return to in-person learning this spring?

    These families will receive the following: School schedule, information regarding in-person details (e.g., staff, room), as well as health and safety information. This information will be provided as early as it becomes available. Families will have the option to decline their offered in-person space at that time. 


    Other Issues:

    Will after school programs be offered?
    Whether after school programs will be available may vary by school site.

    Will classrooms of students interact during the school day?
    Students will stay within their own cohort throughout the day and should not be interacting with other cohorts.

    posted Feb. 17, 2021