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  • 2021 Magnificent Seven Nominees: Guillermo Topete & Rosaura Altamirano

    Congratuations Guillermo & Rosa on your Magnificent Seven Award nomination. This award is intended for individuals that work in a K-12 school district or county office of education in the Northern Section who have made extraordinary contributions in the area of school business.

    Guillermo & Rosaura with their awards

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  • SH

    2020 Classified Employee of the Year: Solomon Hutalla 
    Truck Driver for Warehouse Distributions

    “He helped distribute Chrombooks, hotspots, and additional needed technology that came through for school sites so students could do distance learning.“

    “I like to say we're kind of like ninjas or Amazon Prime, what folks need just shows up and everyone's amazed at how it got there so fast! Hejust makes it happen...”

    “He is no longer relegated to only food deliveries, now it's technology, mail, furniture, supplies and Personal Protective Equipment; Solomon always has a great attitude about it all...“

    Solomon was also selected as an Alameda County Classified Employee of the Year!

    Congratulations Solomon!  

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  • Supporting our Community During COVID-19

    Since March, 2020 our team has successfully supported Nutrition Services in serving over 4 MILLION meals to Oaklanders in need! We continue to partner with the Nutrition Services team for the 2020-21 school year to provide grab and go meals and supplies, as well as assisting in technology and curriculum distribution to support students.

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  • Working Toward an Eventual Return to In-Person Learning

    Looking ahead to when/if we can resume in-person instruction at our school sites, we are working to ensure that schools will have the furniture and supplies they need. The biggest task on our plate this year will be delivering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to our schools and staff. 

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    2019 Classified Employee of the Year: William Taylor, Jr. 
    Truck Driver for Warehouse Distributions

    “William has been right there taking his own personal time to ensure the students had their Chromebooks and that there were enough desks; he also personally delivered sack lunches to all three temporary school sites.“

    “In the absence of a warehouse person, he ran the warehouse ensuring receipt of deliveries, creating spreadsheets to help with organization of warehouse equipment, on-hand stock and inventory of cafeteria supplies. He absolutely thinks outside the box looking for ways to work more efficiently.”

    William was also selected as an Alameda County Classified Employee of the Year!

    Congratulations William!

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Last Modified on December 14, 2021