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    August 6, 2020 Strong Start Update for Fall 2020 

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    July 13, 2020

    We held a Reopening of Schools: Family Report Back community meeting


    July 10, 2020

    OUSD is announcing that school will begin on August 10, 2020 with all students in distance learning.


    From there, students will be brought back to campus in phases for in person instruction as safety allows. 

    • The opening phase of all distance learning will last up to four weeks.
    • During this time we will implement our COVID-19 safety plans, attend training in both safety and instruction, and orient students and families to the phases of blended learning.
    • The transition into the next phases will depend on specific science, safety, student learning and support details. We will use an equity lens for prioritizing in person instruction for targeted students. 
    • Families may choose to remain in full distance learning regardless of phases.
    • The recommendation for a phased in approach was created by the OUSD COVID-19 Action Team composed of school site staff including custodial, clerical, teachers, principals, as well as central office department leaders and parents.

    Please join us for a community meeting on Monday July 13 from 5:00-7:00. Click here for details for logging on.


    July 7, 2020
    Science and Safety Update from Preston Thomas
    Full message: English | Español  |  العربية  |  中文  |  文言 |  Tiếng Việt  |  ភាសាខ្មែរ

    July 3, 2020
    Community Meeting Follow Up from COVID-19 Action Team
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    Dear Oakland Community,

    Yesterday evening, OUSD families and staff members heard an update on the progress OUSD is making on recommendation for reopening schools. Click here for the video of the presentation. It has a summary of key survey feedback, a message from our Superintendent, a presentation by Dr. Lee Atkinson-McEvoy on the latest science around COVID-19, and recommendations for an instructional model for this fall from our working group.

    These recommendations and/or scenarios are not final because they depend on a number of factors such as conditions within Oakland, guidance from public health officials, financial implications and other constraints. Additionally, many of our major decisions are going to be made in negotiations with our labor partners as part of an ongoing process required by law. 

    Your voice is critical in these decisions on how we will be approaching this fall.
    Currently, there are two ways to give feedback: 
    • Comment on the working group recommendations:  Each working group provided an executive summary on their respective topic, along with recommendations. This an opportunity for the community to learn more about specific topics such as instructional models and protective equipment, and leave feedback and/or questions in the comment boxes.
    Each of our seven working groups has been working on their recommendations for reopening OUSD schools this fall for the past month. The 105 members of these working groups are administrators, classified staff, community members, parents, and  teachers. Certificated and classified staff members were appointed by five unions. The parents are from representative bodies such as the Parent Student Advisory Committee. We are indebted to these working groups. As we prepare for school in a nearly unprecedented situation, this group of people rolled up their sleeves and did the work to help Oakland move forward together.

    Next Steps:
    OUSD’s Senior Leadership Team will make recommendations for reopening this fall. Planning for this school year will be on ongoing process and the recommendations will be based on all of the following factors:
    • Working group recommendations,
    • Ongoing negotiations with our labor partners,
    • Community feedback,
    • Updated guidance from the state of California (e.g., attendance, and other requirements), and 
    • Updated public health guidance and science.

    On July 10, we will communicate the decisions and agreements we have made at that point (some unresolved issues will likely remain).

    On July 13, from 5:00-7:00p.m., we will be hosting a community meeting to share updated information. We will provide meeting details as soon as they are finalized.

    We look forward to negotiations with our labor partners, finalizing plans, and communicating with our community.