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    Castlemont International Students Program is a culturally sustaining, asset-based, and empowering educational experience that supports the development of multiple languages, celebrates cultures and supports students to succeed in college, career and community. 


    The Castlemont International Students Program engages students new to the country in a 4 year trajectory that strives to fulfill the vision. Building on the assets and experiences from the past four years, the program integrates with the entire Castlemont community in a variety of ways, specifically with the Sustainable Urban Design Academy (SUDA) and the Community Health Equity Academy (CHEA) pathways. 


    The program trajectory is a “progressive immersion” model where levels of scaffolding and integration are intentionally balanced to support students to fully “mainstream” by the fourth year on campus. For the instructional core, during the first two years (9th and 10th grade), the Castlemont International Students Program pathway experience is housed in the pathway courses (Public Health Solutions and Life Health) with a focus on integration in electives and PE, cross pollinating experiences with the pathways and after school opportunities.


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