Thank you to our COVID Action Team!

  • Our plans for 2020-21 and beyond could not have been created without the dedication and creative thinking of our COVID-19 Action Team Members. These parents, principals, teachers, classified staff, and central leaders came together with short notice in May to work across schools, departments, and traditional roles and responsibilities to think deeply about what it would take to provide our students with the best possible learning experience this year.

    It is this community spirit of working and dreaming together that will allow us to move through this school year intact. We deeply appreciate all the individuals who served on our COVID Action Team. Thank you for your leadership and vision during these unprecedented times. The working groups were organized around key questions.


    What does equitable, high-quality instruction look like?

    Kelleth Chinn, Instructional Tech
    Anisa Rasheed, Montera Principal
    Angela Badami-Knight, Talent
    Jana Maiuri, CCPA Teacher
    Reginald Mosley, Parent
    Wes Jacques, Academics Dept.
    Melisha Linzie, Special Ed Paraeducator
    Jerome Gourdine, Office of Equity
    Eleanor Alderman, ICS Principal
    Emily Frank, Life Academy Teacher & Pediatrician
    Young Whan Choi, Linked Learning
    Amy Carozza, CCPA Principal
    Jennifer Blake, Special Education
    Liana Nelson, Allendale Teacher
    Olivia Udovic, Manzanita SEED Teacher
    Mona Lisa Treviño, Parent
    Nicole Knight, ELLMA Office
    Mark Triplett, Middle School Network Supt.
    Elizabeth Paniagua, Counseling Dept.
    Kathleen Arnold, Elementary School Network Supt.
    Nathan Jackson, UPA PE Teacher
    Theresa Lozach, Burbank Preschool Principal
    Christie Herrera, Early Childhood Education Dept.
    Kilian Betlach, Elmhurst Principal
    Misha Karigaca, Attendance Dept.
    Sondra Aguilera, Chief Academic Officer

    How do we support our staff and students to access the technology they need and bridge the digital divide?

    Colleen Calvano, Technology Dept

    Heather Palin, Emerson Principal

    Jen Darmstadt-Holm, Parent

    Kyleigh Nevis, Oakland Undivided

    Sara Shepich, Global Family Teacher;

    Preston Thomas, Chief Systems and Operations Officer

    Curtiss Sarikey, Chief of Staff


    How do we ensure that we have clear and safe procedures for staff and students accessing district services?

    Caitlin Khurshid, Parent

    Bri Moore, Madison Park Principal

    Carmelita Reyes, Systems & Services Dept

    Phyllis Copes, Admin Assistant

    Christopher Woodruff, Custodian

    Kim Raney, Transportation & Procurement

    Gia White, Labor Relations

    Shelia White, Clerical Coordinator 

    Maria McCormick, Hillcrest Principal

     Joanna Powell, Legal Dept.


    How can our facilities work align to public health guidance?

    Tadashi Nakadegawa, Facilities Dept

    Deon Guillory, Custodial Dept

    Vilma Serrano, MLA Teacher

    Andrea Epps, Legal Dept

    Alma Piedras, Parent

    Roland Broach, Custodial Dept

    Marc White, Buildings & Grounds

    Jessica Cannon, Chabot Principal 

    Minh-Tram Nguyen, Encompass Principal 

    Geoff Vu, Middle School Network

    Kelly Krag Arnold, Charter School Office

    Kaia Villberg, Research and Data.


    How do we plan accurately for the pandemic, new normal, and future costs?

    Lisa Spielman, Strategic Resource Planning;

    Clifford Hong, Roosevelt Principal;

    Angelica Jongco, Parent;

    Ryan Nguyen, Accounting Dept;

    Troy Christmas, Budget Office;

    Roma Groves - Waters, MLK Principal;

    Jenine Lindsey, Labor Relations;

    Diana Casanova, Parent;

    Lisa Grant-Dawson, Chief Business Officer


    How do we take care of each other through this crisis?

    Sophia Warith, Talent

    Allison Henkel, Talent 

    Tracey Spivey, Talent 

    Mara Larsen Fleming, Wellness Coordinator

    David Hunter, Painter

    Maya Taylor, Westlake Principal

    Samantha Keller, RISE Principal

    Barbara Parker, Health Services 

    Barb McClung, Behavioral Supports 

    Paris Pryor, Health Services

    Sonny Kim, SEL Office

    Donneva Reid, Principal Account Clerk

    Winnie Davis, Howard Para Educator

    Sayuri Sakamoto, Bret Harte Special Ed Teacher

    Kelly Jennette, Nurse

    Michelle Campbell-Mateo, Parent

    Deborah Williams, Nurse

    Tara Gard, Deputy Chief of Talent


    How are we coordinating our decision-making with the community?

    RocQuel Johnson, Parent

    Joci Kelleher, Crocker Highlands Principal

    Jody Talkington, Superintendent’s Office 

    Cintya Molina, Parent Coordinator

    Sonali Murarka, Enrollment & Charter Office

    Andrea Bustamante, Community Schools Office 

    Martha Pena, Community Schools Office

    Alan Pursell, Parent

    Raquel Jimenez, Office of Equity

    Marc Tafolla, Communications Office 

    Rattana Yeang, Research & Data Office 

    Lacy Lefkowitz, Claremont Teacher