• Teacher: Julianne Moscovitz (Ms. Juli)


    I am a veteran music teacher of more than 40 years experience, this is my first year of teaching at Sequoia. Though I play a variety of instruments, I play guitar, sing and drums for performance. I do cantorial soloist work for many synagogues and frequently play drums with the blues band, Blind Lemon Pledge.  You can check our website for our outdoor, Covid safe performances. 

    Aside from music, I enjoy cooking, my dog Toulouse, a Havaneese/Yorkie mix, and my goldfish. 


    Goals/Hopes for my classes: To be able to reach the majority of our pupils by giving to them music theory, notation and pitch training utilizing flutophones as our instrument. In addition, I cover many general music topics and expose the students to music from all over the world. 


    My aim in teaching flutophones and theory is to give them the skills they will need to knowledgeably evaluate all music, and so that when they have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument they will have a good foundation. 


    My goals: To encourage and foster personal musicianship and self esteem. To create the classroom atmosphere that enables a student to believe that with applied effort they can succeed. To learn that they can learn anything. 


    Zoom Music Schedule: Tuesday through Friday. Please contact your teacher for the specific day, time, and link.