Readiness to Return Dashboard

  • This OUSD Readiness to Return Dashboard will be updated regularly to reflect our most up-to-date COVID-19 preparedness efforts, and the steps we have completed to meet the standards set forth by the Alameda County Department of Public Health (ACPHD) to ensure safety for our students and staff. (Click here for a summary of those standards) Below there is also information about key health indicators from Alameda County Public Health Department. 


    In addition to completing the steps in the dashboard, our ability to return to in-person instruction is also dependent on Alameda County remaining in the orange or yellow tier (moderate or minimal risk, respectively) and reaching an agreement with our labor partners.


    Updated Jan. 6, 2021
    Percentages indicate the progress made toward completion of these tasks at and for
    Early Childhood sites, TK-12 sites, and Young Adult Program sites.


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  • sanitizer








    Deep cleaning of all classrooms | 100% 

    Restroom soap dispensers filled & repaired | 100% 

    Cleaning protocols & procedures created | 100% 

    Cleaning procedures training provided to custodial staff | 100% 

    Custodial cleaning schedules set & posted on campuses | 97% 01.06.21


    SAFETY and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    Safety lead identified at each school site | 90% 01.06.21

    PPE Inventory sufficient for remainder of school year in warehouse | 100% 

    Initial PPE kits delivered to school sites | 100% 








    Classrooms set up for social distancing standards | 85% 01.06.21

    Social distancing marks placed in hallways | 9% 01.06.21

    Alameda County safety signs posted at entrances | 100% 

    Hand sanitizer located at entrances | 98% 01.06.21

    Electrostatic sprayers (for sanitizing high touch surfaces at active campuses) 100% 

    Site based safety plans updated | in progress 



    Sites assessed for operable windows | 95% 01.06.21

    Sites assessed for a forced air system | 99% 01.06.21

  • communication








    District COVID19 liaisons identified | 100%

    Equity Family Navigator identified for each school site | 91% 01.06.21

    Distance Lead identified identified for each school site | 93% 01.06.21

    Attendance Team identified for each school site | 45% 01.06.21

    Talking Points system provided to school sites | 100% 

    Jabber system provided to school sites to direct outside calls to staff members during the school day | 75% 01.06.21 

    Language support for families contacting school sites | in progress

    Contact tracing system established* | 100% 










    COVID-19 Testing Protocol provided to staff | in progress

    Daily health screener (symptom check) established for staff | 100% 

    COVID-19 Testing Contract in place for staff | 100% 

    Universal entry screening (COVID-19 test) established for staff | 100% 

    Text/phone-based system pilot of daily health screener | in progress

    Employee leave & accommodations process** | 100% 



    * Contract tracing includes automated notifications of close contacts and custodial for deep cleaning.


    **Accomodations process is based on current labor agreements.




Alameda County Health Indicators

  • California's blueprint for reducing COVID-19 has criteria for loosening and tightening restrictions on activities. Every county in California is assigned to a tier based on its (1) adjusted case rate, (2) overall test positivity rate, and (3) Test positivity in the least advantaged census tracts (a health equity metric).

    As of Nov. 17, 2020, Alameda County is in tier 1. In order to advance to the next less restrictive tier, each county needs to meet the required thresholds for all three indicators. (see California Department of Public Health and Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD)). See below for information on these three indicators from ACPHD. For more detail please see, ACPHD COVID-19 data (including rates by zip code).