• Independent Study is only for those students that will miss school for 5 or more consecutive days due to a family matter or other justifiable reasons that must be first reviewed and approved by the principal. We ask that you please inform the teacher ahead of time and preferably with a minimum of two weeks to give the teacher enough time to prepare a work packet for your student. After you have notifed the teacher please submit a Google Form to start the process. After you submit the Google Form the Principal will review your Independent Study Contract. Once approved by the principal the Independent Study Contract will go to the teacher to prepare a work packet for your student. Please wait for the attendance clerk to notify you that your student's work packet is ready for pick up. Please make sure that all the assignments are completed by the student to the best of their ability to receive full credit and school funding. If you have any questions or concerns please email Ms. Nubia at nubia.benitez@ousd.org


    Submit an Independent Study Request HERE