Degrees and Certifications:

Computer Science CCPA since 2020 Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from Michigan State University

Shrotriyee Jacque

After getting her degree in biology and working in immunology and pharmacology labs after college, she realized that traditional laboratory biology wasn't for her. She started taking computer science classes at her community college which sparked her interest in turning towards bioinformatics. After moving to California in 2015, she worked for a small bioinformatics startup doing research and outreach. This was where she discovered her passion as an educator and started her education journey by tutoring her sister (virtually!) during her completion of a Computer Science degree and volunteering in the classroom for 2 years at Oakland Tech. Seeing the lack of robust and exciting CS classes before college sparked her passion to expand computer science education and access in high schools and leverage the vast tech community in the Bay Area for positive educational outcomes. Shro also loves dogs, yoga, stickers, video games, and eating and cooking delicious food. 2020 is her first official year as a teacher at CCPA and she's incredibly excited to begin her teaching journey with you all!