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    EBAYC’s After School Program at Frick United Academy of Language focuses on establishing a community-based environment where students feel socially and physically safe, and are able to learn and become successful leaders of tomorrow. Students are encouraged to take leadership roles while promoting integrity, respect, kindness to others. We are proud of our diverse population and we serve a large group of newcomers, refugees and English Language learners


    Alejandra Garcia – Program Director


    As Director of Expanding Learning at Frick United Academy of Language, Alejandra’s mission is to establish a community based environment, where all students feel socially and emotionally safe in order to focus on becoming successful leaders. Alejandra previously worked at Frick as the Attendance Specialist at Frick for over three years. Growing up in Oakland, Alejandra is very familiar in the day-to-day challenges that many students and families may have to face and is focused on continuing to break racial barriers, integrating newcomer students and establishing a sense of belonging among all students and families. Alejandra is passionate in what she does because she sees that programs such as EBAYC can make a difference in a student’s life. Alejandra graduated from California State East Bay, with a degree in Sociology.


    Lucero Sanchez – Co-Program Director


    Lucero was born and raised in Oakland. She has been part of the EBAYC family since her days at Franklin Elementary School as a youth participant. Lucero started working with EBAYC in 2011 as a high school intern at Roosevelt and realized her passion for youth development. Upon her internship completion in the fall of 2011, Lucero became an academic mentor at Franklin Elementary and was promoted to Program assistant and now she is a Program Director. Lucero understands the struggle of being a youth in Oakland and found that EBAYC gave her a safe environment to learn and take on different opportunities to grow. She graduated from Cal State East Bay with an Administration and Management Degree In Health Science. She loves to go hiking and spend time with her family. 


    Patricia Barajas – After School Teacher


    Through her 5 years working with EBAYC at Frick, Ms.Patricia has been supporting 6th graders and ESL (English Spanish Learners) during homework time and has led cooking enrichment class. She comes from a household where she didn’t have academic support because of language barriers, and is grateful to now have the opportunity to support students who face these same challenges. She loves working with kids because they represent hope and future in our community! Ms.Patricia enjoys spending time with her loved ones, going to the movie theater, and going to EDM music festivals!

    Alondra Cervantes – After School Teacher



    In Ms. Alondra’s first year at EBAYC, she supported 6th graders who attended the after school program for academic support and led enrichment activities. She helps students gain confidence in themselves through new experiences, such as participating in a science fair for the first time ever! She loves bringing her creativity every day to help students stay engaged with learning, and building relationships with her students and parents. Ms. Alondra enjoys going on walks in the afternoon and loves shopping!

    Deisy Gonzales – After School Teacher



    In her first year at EBAYC, Ms. Deisy supported 6th grade students with homework support and enrichment activities. She also created lesson plans focused on college and career that gave students the opportunity to think about their future. Her patience and friendliness helps her build good relationships with students and parents. She pushes her students to do their best and increase their self-esteem, and loves seeing their progress as they work on their weaknesses and strengths. Ms. Deisy loves going on hikes and enjoys seeing the beauty in nature. She is also an upcoming entrepreneur, establishing her own online lash company.


    Kao Chan Saephan – After School Teacher


    Kao will be starting his first year with EBAYC, but this isn’t his first rodeo in supporting after school programs. He brings a lot of experience and skills in working with K-8th grade youth from his previous place of employment doing the similar work. Kao likes the challenge that comes with supporting elementary and middle school students, he enjoys watching each student learn and grow from the beginning to end of the school year. When not at EBAYC, he spends time with my wife and 2 sons, going on many fishing and camping trips or attending Warriors games throughout the season. Kao is an Oakland native and has a lot of love for his city. In addition to visiting friends and family, he like go on hikes during the week.