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    2021-2022 PreK-12th Grade Teacher Cohort


    APPLY HERE by October 8, 2021 (Deadline Extended!)


    OUSD teachers and school sites are working together to advance the guidance and resources provided to PreK-12th Grade teachers to integrate Ethnic Studies pedagogy and content into social studies, English Language Arts and other curriculum. The OUSD Ethnic Studies Framework is the starting place for developing these materials.



    • To develop a clear flow of building blocks and handoffs from PreK to Elementary to Middle School to High School Ethnic Studies and other high school classes and content in OUSD.
    • To develop grade-appropriate Ethnic Studies standards and model units and lesson plans for teachers to be in alignment and also adapt for their students.
    • For OUSD students to be grounded in the history of Oakland, to have self-awareness of their own identities, stories, experiences and power, and to work towards community and global justice.
    • To create Ethnic Studies curricular materials that actively dismantle anti-black racism and other intersectional systems of oppression in our schools and communities.


    Background:  Building on OUSD's 2015 Ethnic Studies Policy, the May 27th, 2020 School Board Ethnic Studies Resolution inspired the expansion of a cohort across all grades, which was initiated by OUSD teachers:  “BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Education directs staff to move forward a plan and timeline to support OUSD high school social studies and other teachers in the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, adapt curriculum for middle school and elementary school grades, and adapt Oakland-specific course materials that teach students the rich and diverse history of Oakland’s many ethnic populations and the racial and social dynamics that impact our young people, schools and community everyday.”


    WHO:  Teachers of grades PreK-12th grade who are already implementing Ethnic Studies pedagogy and content in OUSD. Teacher leaders, teachers who are working in school sites that are already committed to integrating Ethnic Studies throughout grade levels, and a diverse representation of teachers by cultural background, geography, experience, and perspective. 


    Please note that 9th grade Ethnic Studies teachers have a separate cohort with a different schedule.  For questions about the 9th Grade Ethnic Studies Cohort and course, contact Young Whan Choi <youngwhan.choi@ousd.org> in Linked Learning.


    2021-2022 Schedule:


    • Monthly 2 hour Zoom sessions 4-6pm to conduct inquiry, refine & finalize units and standards from Fall 2021 - Spring 2022.
    • 1 Week Curriculum Institute in Summer 2022 (Dates TBD)


    Continuing 2020-2021 Cohort:


    Pre-K Team

    • Myeisha Jones, Manzanita CDC
    • Norma Nunez, Jefferson CDC

    TK-K Team

    • Andria Kemp Sellers, Emerson (TK)
    • Jennifer Ramirez, Chabot (K)
    • Sara Shepich, Global Family (K)

    Grades 1-3 Team

    • Michael Herrera, Futures Lockwood (1)
    • Leah Aguilera, Sequoia (2)
    • Linette Togami, Manzanita SEED (3)
    • Jazmine Leonard-Fortes, La Escuelita (3)

    Grades 4-5 Team

    • Eva Beleche, Global Family (4-5)
    • Laurence Tan, Howard (4-5)
    • Fatima Ashufta, Redwood Heights (4)
    • Ellen Hum, Global Family (5)

    Middle School 6-8 Team

    • Cory Jong, UPA (6)
    • Agustin Barajas-Amaral, UPA (RJ)
    • Diego Rivera-Garcia, UPA (Affinity Circles Culture Keeper)
    • Tyjun Mack, CCPA (8-9)


    We are also looking for 3rd Grade teachers interested in developing a 3rd Grade Ethnic Studies course!


    Teachers will be paid at the Professional Development rate for their time/hours worked.


    This work is being funded by the Academics department to pay teachers for their time and contributions. This is a partnership between the Office of Equity, Academic Instruction - History / Social Studies, the Linked Learning Office and Ethnic Studies leaders in Oakland and beyond.



    • Please feel free to contact Ethnic Studies TSA Leah Aguilera in Academic Instruction <leah.aguilera@ousd.org> and Lailan Sandra Huen in the Office of Equity <lailan.huen@ousd.org> with any questions!