• Virtual Racial Justice, Equity & Healing Professional Development for OUSD TEACHERS + STAFF


    All Oakland teachers, school site staff, and central office staff are invited to view the Racial Justice, Equity & Healing Workshop Series as we ground in our core values of Equity and Cultural Responsiveness and develop an antiracist school district that moves the work of racial justice forward.


    The Pandemic of Racism: How Does White Supremacy Show Up In Our Schools?


    Facilitators: Raquel Jimenez, Equity; Mara Larsen-Fleming, Health & Wellness



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    This is an overview of key tenets and frameworks of racial justice, equity and healing in Oakland schools. We build a common understanding of our shared legacy of oppression, white supremacy and its impact on our thinking, actions, and work as anti-racist educators.  As our young people lead the current movement for racial justice, let's ground in how schools have intertwined with centuries of racial discrimination. 


    Culturally Responsive Teaching In This Moment: Best Practices in OUSD


    Facilitators: Lailan Huen, Equity; Leah Aguilera, Sequoia 2nd Grade Teacher; Griffen Castillo, Oakland Tech Class of 2019





    This workshop dives into some of the key tenets of Culturally Responsive Teaching, and what that means for Oakland’s diverse students. We share existing best practice examples in our school district to share resources, inspire your practice, and ground ourselves in OUSD’s context while lifting up student and teacher voices.  We’ll have opportunities to reflect and plan what culturally responsive practices can look like during distance learning, COVID-19, and the Movement for Black Lives and racial justice.


    How to Be an Antiracist Educator: Everyday Race Consciousness & Resistance


    Facilitators: Diane Lang (Manzanita SEED), Priscilla Parchia (Expanded Learning), Jarrett Austin-Thomas (Talent)


    • Develop critical consciousness to identify the ways in which racism and colonialism marginalize students and families. 
    • Build, reflect on, and sustain our  professional and personal antiracism work. 
    • Explore the practices and policies that perpetuate systemic inequity in your sphere of influence. Identify and  develop strategies to interrupt racist practices within your sphere of influence.



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    Advancing Equity Through Meaningful Family Engagement


    Facilitator: Sara Nuño-Villa, Equity & Family Engagement





    Building intentional relationships between students’ families and their schools is foundational to students’ success.  Families engaged as partners in their childs’ education helps to assure equity and access for all of our students. Every student in OUSD should have access to the tools and resources available to support their achievement. Historically, many of our families and communities in Oakland have not had good experiences with our institutions, including the educational institution. Our work as educators is to build relational trust by developing on-going structures at our sites for parent-teacher communication and learning, relationship building, and shared decision making. This workshop shares an overview of OUSD’s anti-racist family engagement framework and share some best practices for starting the year off with family academic partnerships.


    Building Relationship-Centered Schools to Address Racism & Bias


    Facilitators: Californians for Justice; Urana Jackson, Behavioral Health





    [ Please note that the video for this session is cut off at the beginning, so you can checkout the slide deck for the beginning slides! ]


    Often when the subject of trauma is presented, the link between trauma and racism is hardly explored. It becomes apparent through understanding this link why relationships, addressing bias, and creating culturally responsive spaces are a fundamental feature for student success and well-being. Participants in this workshop have an opportunity to self reflect and explore practices needed to help students to feel safe, empowered and supported in our schools.


    Healing Centered Restorative Justice 


    Facilitators: David Yusem, Restorative Justice; Susan Andrien, Behavioral Health; Sandra Simmons, Behavioral Health





    This experiential Zoom workshop covers the basics of restorative justice (RJ) with a healing centered and racial justice lens. Participants learn about the origins and rollout of restorative justice in OUSD and experience an online circle space. Attendees will understand the connection between RJ and healing centered practices that support the environment for teaching and learning. Participants will also understand how the implementation of restorative justice in OUSD is inextricably linked to racial justice. 


    Equity Traps: Developing Mindfulness & Counter-Strategies 


    Facilitators: Lailan Sandra Huen, Griffen Castillo, Sara Nuño-Villa (Equity)


    • Explore common ‘equity traps’ in schools that are shaped by racist belief systems.
    • Develop mindfulness around how these show up in Oakland schools and how we can interrupt these behaviors.
    • Work in small groups to share experiences and develop counter-strategies to show up for racial justice.



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