• Apps 

    Self-help apps can be used for people who want to handle their wellness challenges privately and at a low cost. With the use of a smartphone or tablet, anyone can access self-help apps that can assist with managing harmful behaviors, setting healthy goals, and tracking progress.

    Try out one of these 12 mental health apps, each designed for a specific purpose (to ease insomnia; improve mood; stop self-harm; etc.).

    • truth

      Truth Initiative Tools to Quit Smoking and Vaping

    • head

    • Headspace

    • insight Insight 

    • lib Liberate Meditation: Meditation can have many benefits for your mental health, from lowering stress levels to grounding yourself in the present moment. If you’re looking for a new app to try, Liberate was created by and for BIPOC.

    • safe The Safe Place is a free app for the Black community created by Jasmin Pierre—a peer support specialist and advocate for mental health. The comprehensive app features a number of tools, from breathing techniques and meditations to Black mental health statistics. The app also offers self-care tips on coping with police brutality and advice on how to speak to family members about mental illness.