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  • Healing & Self-Care

    A healthy life starts with you! Treating yourself well can be as simple as stretching every morning. Self-care isn't selfish - it's self-love! Check out the resources below and create your personal self-care plan


    Energy work


    Emotional Health 


    • Emotions Wheel: Struggling to Name How You Feel? Try Using This Wheel. Start from the options in the center, work your way out, landing on the emotion that best describes the feeling currently overtaking your body and mind. Whatever you're feeling, try to accept the emotion without judgment. If you resist feeling, it will only get stronger and come out in unexpected ways. Instead, celebrate your emotions! They are signaling to you that either something really matters, or that you've been forcing something that isn't for you. Even if your emotion feels overwhelming, it will pass. Credit:  Stephanie Ghoston Paulemotions


    • Journal: Write. Every day. Whatever is on your mind, whatever you experienced, let it flow through pen and paper. Writing is a great way to learn more about yourself and to also release yourself of the many thoughts you have in mind. 
    • Art: Some things can't be expressed in words. Grab some colors and paper and doodle, draw, paint – even just create stick figures and random patterns! Art can help you relax and express any thoughts and feelings you might need to process and release
    • Make a playlist and listen to music that motivates you!
    • Dance