• What to do if your teen is using 

    If you’ve just discovered or have reason to believe your child is using substances, the first thing to do is sit down and take a deep breath. We know this is scary, but you’re in the right place.  

    Keep calm. Don’t overreact. This may lead your child to take greater risks to prove that they are independent.             

    Communication is key! When dealing with behavior problems it is important to communicate your disapproval of the behavior without making your child feel rejected or like they are a bad person. 



    Click on the resources below for more information about improving communication and creating boundaries:

    wtd prep   if you    address   pos

    What should I do if my teen continues using marijuana, even after suffering consequences?

    If you think that your teen is addicted or cannot stop using marijuana or other drugs, contact their doctor, and reach out to family members, former adult mentors with whom they have a strong relationship to talk about their challenges, where they are headed, concerns, etc. 

    Check out this DP  guide to learn non-alarmist ways of dealing with your teens' drug use and identifying whether treatment is necessary.  

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