• Dear Montera Families,

    As we begin the school year, we are continuing our parent-driven effort to support our Montera teachers and staff. The Teacher-Family Buddy Program is an adopt-a-teacher program — linking each teacher and staff member with individual parents who can help teachers with stuff they just don’t have time to manage, like supplies and facility challenges, fiscal and event opportunities, communications (and occasional moral support!).

    We are still seeking additional volunteers!


    Sign Up


    Once you sign up, a Buddy Coordinator will reach out to you with directions & guidance. We need about 15 family members. Here’s a snapshot of how this will work:

    What it takes:

    • 1-2 hours/month per volunteer
    • Communication by email and/or phone

    What you’ll do as a TEACHER-FAMILY BUDDY:

    • Buddy with 1-3 teachers or staff (ie: 6th grade math/science, language teachers, librarian, etc.).
    • Connect with your teacher-buddies once the school year gets underway
    • Check-in with your teacher-buddies once every couple of weeks or as needed
    • Ask teachers about needed supplies or funding
    • Remind teachers about upcoming school events, available resources, and perks
    • Use BUDDY SPECIALISTS to help fulfill teacher requests

    BUDDY SPECIALISTS will focus on a specific area of support that may benefit multiple teachers or staff (How to docs, coupons, forms for grants will be conveniently located on a GoogleDrive), like:

    • Funding and grants (identifying and/or applying) and acquiring treats/perks
    • Classroom communications

    What you won’t do:

    No grading papers, advising on curriculum, or coaching on classroom management! ☺

    Thank you for helping us empower our Montera staff & our Toro community this 2021-22 school year. Don’t hesitate to email questions to volunteers@monterapto.com.