Types of PPE

  • Masks

    We understand that the different mask types can be confusing and we have provided a chart that explains the different types of masks that will be at school sites for staff to use. 

    For staff and students it is most important to find a mask that is comfortable and can be worn for the entire school day to provide the maximum protection for our community.


    • On Jan. 11, 2022, the district will deliver 50,000 KN95 masks to all school sites and central offices.  We are recommending that sites and offices distribute these masks to staff in a weekly allocation of 5 masks to those staff members that request them.


    • Looking forward, the district ordered 200,000 KN95 masks that will provide 10 KN95 masks for every OUSD student. We will notify safety leads and principals when those masks arrive for distribution to students. 


    A face shield provides excellent protection (and also protects the mask) and can be reused as long as it is wiped down. Face shields should be made available to staff who choose them, and mandatory for anyone wearing an KN95. Face shields may also be used for students unable to wear masks due to special needs.



    Smocks to cover staff clothing will be available for paraeducators, SDC teachers, and staff who work with students who need help with toileting, cannot describe their symptoms, and/or cannot control secretions. Schools will also be provided with a supply of gloves to wipe down classrooms and shared materials, but there is no need for staff to continually wear gloves, unless they are working with specialized populations mentioned above. Students do not need gloves. Custodial and cafeteria staff who normally wear gloves should continue to do so.




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    Updated 1/11/22