Strong Start

  • Given the way our last school year ended and how challenging this one promises to be, the first weeks of this school year will be especially important. It will be a time to make students feel recognized and connected, to help families understand how things will work, and to acknowledge the change and uncertainty we’ll be going through together this year. 


    Across OUSD, at every grade level, educators and administrators are developing “Strong Start” plans to welcome students back and help families play an active role in their success.


    Here is some of what’s being planned:


    • Each student will be individually assessed to identify learning gaps and tailor instruction to address them.


    • Teachers and staff will conduct individual wellness check-ins with students, and offer “virtual home visits” to parents, to build connection and identify areas of concern.


    • OUSD will offer training sessions and supports for parents on homeschooling, online participation, staying in community with other parents, and using digital platforms such as Google Classroom and Zoom. Visit Family Central for resources.


    • All students will participate in public health and safety curricula that reinforce good habits and set the stage for a safe return to in-person instruction.


    • Teachers will set expectations and establish routines for distance learning including grading, attendance, and engagement. 


    • Students will be given the opportunity to build community and relationships, to process what’s happened over the past few months and talk about what they want and hope for in the year ahead.


    As we begin the new year, schools will be focusing on building these elements of their Strong Start plans: