Restroom Cleaning Protocol

    • Regardless of staffing levels, restrooms are cleaned and fully sanitized daily.
    • Restroom inspections will occur, at the minimum, 3 times per day. These inspections should occur at 8:00am, 10:00am and 2:00pm.
    • During these inspections, the restrooms should be cleaned, sanitized and stocked with supplies as needed.
    • Furthermore, evening custodians should clean, sanitize and stock all restrooms regardless of staffing levels.

Core Cleaning Deprioritization

  • During Virus Prevention Cleaning, daily custodial coverage duties will shift towards prioritizing the sanitation of high-touch surface areas, and away from regular core functions, if staffing is a constraint.


    Specifically, the following tasks may be deprioritized during a short period when the our main goal is sanitizing shared spaces to prevent virus proliferation:

    • Floor sweeping
    • De-gumming
    • Spot mopping
    • Replacing lights
    • Dust mopping or sweeping
    • Graffiti removal
    • High speeding buff floors as needed
    • Removing scuff marks
    • Cleaning baseboards
    • Dusting as needed
    • Removal of carpet stains
    • Removal of leaves, debris and rock build-up from fence lines
    • Cleaning curb areas and sidewalks