• This year we will cover the following:


    This year 2nd graders will continue to develop their addition and subtraction skills by adding and subtracting numbers first within 20, then within 200, and ending the year with three-digit equations.  They will learn a variety of strategies to solve problems including place value, taking apart numbers, and proof drawings.  They will also focus on identifying shapes based on their attributes, and using standard metric and customary units to measure distance.  Finally, they will have a strong understanding of time being made up of seconds, minutes, and hours; and practice collecting, graphing, and interpreting data.  For curriculum, we  use Math Expressions and the OUSD Core Curriculum Guide.


    Reading :

    Second grade students will spend the year building Reading independence. They will work on volume, stamina and fluency, develop word solving strategies and deepen their comprehension strategies.  These strategies include learning new information by noticing, questioning, & putting details together, thinking about context clues & text features and synthesizing information about one topic across texts. By the end of the year, students will recognize & apply literary language, apply strategies to sustain understanding of longer texts and build productive partnerships.


    Writing- This year 2nd grade writers will focus on narrative writing, informational and opinion writing.  In 2nd grade we focus on spelling by using words we know such as word families, common word parts and word wall words. By the end of 2nd grade, all writers should be able to edit their writing to be sure that their sentences start with a capital letter, have spaces in between and a punctuation mark at the end.  They should also use commas and quotation marks when appropriate.


    Social Studies

    Our units are:

    *Families Today and in the past

    *Geography and mapping skills: people places and the environment

    *Biographies of people who matter and make a difference.



    Our units are:

    Life- Insects and Plants

    Physical-Solids and Liquids

    Earth- Pebbles Sand and Silt


    All About Our 2nd Grade Team


    Leah Aguilera

    Leah Aguilera has over 20 years of teaching experience spanning grades kindergarten through ninth. She also trains news teachers through partnerships with UC Berkeley, Mills, CSUEB, and the BATTI program. She has an MS in Curriculum and BA in Liberal Studies / Ethnic Studies. Leah continues to work on developing and pushing for an inclusive Ethnic Studies education for all our students. 

    She is the mother of an adult son and enjoys dancing, laughing, and learning. You might find her hiking the East Bay hills or walking the Lake with her Little Dog. 

    Rebecca Nordquist

    This is Ms. Nordquist’s second full year at Sequoia, first year teaching in 2nd Grade.   Before finding her calling as a teacher, Rebecca got her undergrad in psychology and worked for 10 years in human resources/operations within the tech industry.  As a Chicago native, Ms. Nordquist loves to take advantage of the outdoors year round, and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.  


    Emmanuel Sarabia-Uribe

    Mr. S is our 2nd Grade substitute while Ms. Nordquist is on maternity leave. This is his fourth year at Sequoia.  He loves playing soccer, going to the beach, camping and eating  food.

    Colleen Rau 

    This is Ms. Rau’s fifth year teaching 2nd Grade at Sequoia and her seventh year as a Sequoia parent.  Before joining the Sequoia staff, Ms. Rau taught as a K- 1 teacher and reading specialist.  She loves her children, Riley and Max, being outside swimming, riding bikes, hiking, camping and working for social change.