Governing Board 


    All-City Council (ACC) seeks to create positive change in our schools. We amplify student voice by serving as a bridge between adult decision-makers and the student body. We are a diverse team of student leaders who represent or are elected by the masses of students at our schools.


    ACC organizes campaigns and activities to serve the assessed needs of our constituents; including addressing internalized, interpersonal, and institutional oppression in our daily lives and the daily functioning of our schools and working towards solutions.


    All City Council Governing Board Member Positions 


    President -​ The president of the All-City Council shall be the officially recognized spokesperson for all policies and actions of All-City Council. Also the president shall chair All-City Council general and other meetings. The president has the power to break ties of simple majority votes among Delegates.


    Vice President -​ The vice president shall function with the powers and responsibilities of the president in the president’s absence. When the president is present, the vice president shall coordinate and oversee all ACC committee work.


    Secretary - ​The secretary shall ensure that the minutes and notices of each meeting are delivered to the adult sponsor for ACC as well as OUSD’s district wide student publication for immediate distribution, along with other All-City Council papers and information (i.e., the roster of the student body officers of all Oakland high schools for each semester). The secretary shall keep an accurate file and history of All-City Council meetings so that rapid and easy reference may be made to previous actions of the council. The secretary shall take minutes and read the previous minutes at each meeting.


    Culture & Climate Director -​ They shall advise the chairperson on any points of parliamentary law or by-laws. All action shall be guided by Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised. They shall be the point person for mediating all conflicts between Delegates, Governing Board members and other ACC affiliated persons. They shall be trained in restorative justice and be culture keeper within ACC.


    Media Director - ​The media director shall be in charge of all advertising of ACC including student website and OUSD district-wide student publication, scheduling outreach and class announcement at various schools, and coordination of outreach and recruitment of ACC members.


    Historian - ​The historian is responsible for maintaining records of ACC activities including taking pictures and filing accurate records of ACC events. The historian also shall ensure that the ACC body is keeping to the original vision and mission of ACC. If a member wants to impeach the ACC president, the member must bring the impeachment to the historian to begin the impeachment process.


    Health & Wellness Director - ​Responsible in organizing nutrition and wellness meetings at school sites to meet about nutrition and wellness issues on campus. Organizer is responsible for holding the district accountable in engaging students in wellness positions.


    LCAP Student Director (2 positions) - ​LCAP Student Director will sit on the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Parent Student Advisory Committee (PSAC) and will have a critical say in where money in their schools and in Oakland will be spent. The LCAP Student Directors will help ACC go over budget information and make informed decisions around OUSD’s budget. The LCAP Student Directors will be responsible for holding the LCAP student advisory committee accountable to their commitment and to their peers. This representative will report back to us what happens in the LCAP meetings to the Governing Board.


    Please read more about what the LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) is and what that committee does HERE.


    Here's a helpful infographic flyer overviewing why the LCAP is important!


    Student Director (2 positions) on the Board of Education:


    ​The representatives shall attend all Board of Education meetings. The student directors must make a report at each All-City Council meeting. The student directors must adhere to the following procedures:


    • Share and coordinate responsibilities with each other.
    • Be on time to Board of Education meetings.
    • Go on record as representing ACC and soliciting ACC feedback on specific issues.
    • Have knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order.
    • Should be briefed by the All-City Council but may report on activities of individual schools.
    • Should feel free to speak at Board meetings upon being recognized by the chairperson of the Board.
    • Ensure that the All-City Council receives a full accounting of all actions and proceedings that take place at each Board meeting.



    Meet the 2020-21 All City Council Governing Board: 




    Linh Le



    My name is Linh Le (She/Her/Hers). I am 14 years olds and an upcoming sophomore at Oakland High School. For the past 3 years I’ve always been an active leader since middle school. In middle school I was involved in MS ACC, student council, and a restorative peer RJ leader. Freshman year of high school I was vice president of my freshmen class, helping my other class officers fundraise money for our class account, communicating with different fundraise sources, I was also in leadership class involved in planning for school dances and events. Created a series of videos with Alliance for Girls educating girls in OUSD about their rights. I was a grant maker with Alliance for Girls, granting money to different programs and organizations in the bay area. I am a key club member a part of Division 2 North doing services for my school and community, I have canvas for the statewide ballot initiative; Schools and Communities First, lead workshops educating youth about the importance of voting, and registered 16 and 17 years to vote. I was the president of the All City Council Student Union for the 2019-2020 school year. Currently I am a student advisor with Learning Lab, the Walter & Elise Haas Fund, brainstorming solutions for a more equitable education for young women of color during the COVID-19 pandemic.


    [ View Linh's Speech HERE ]


    Vice President


    Vida Itzel Mendoza



    My name is Vida (she/her), I am an incoming freshman from Life Academy.  I want to be the Vice President for the All City Council Governing Board because I want to help support my community. In 6th grade I joined the middle ACC team, it was new to me but as time went on I saw the impact we were making. While in ACC I took on many leadership roles like helping to organize the Ethnic Studies conference, speaking out about the importance of Restorative Justice, and more. Throughout the years my leadership skills improved, I became more comfortable with speaking up for the things my peers wanted and needed. I want to continue to help voice the opinions of the OUSD students because that is what they deserve.


    View Vida's Speech HERE ]




    Alexandria Shavers



    My name is Alexandria Shavers and I am a rising senior at Skyline high school for the 20-21 school year. I am running for the position as secretary for the All City Council Governing Board. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah but grew up in Oakland, California. Oakland Unified schools raised me, it’s my second home. As I grow up and my mindset begins to progress, I have had the chance to meet with people from different backgrounds than me. I would be in communities that felt like more resources were provided for their students to succeed. I realized that Oakland was stuck in a place where our education was not fair and injustices were arising. To feel like your second home has failed you and your peers throughout the system angers me to the point where I have to fight for what I believe in. I have a vision I want to bring into my

    community and the place I call home, the vision of hope, success, and achievement. I have always been passionate about law and justice that influenced me to take the next steps to becoming an attorney. I am running for secretary to represent my people, my community, my home. If in the 1960’s Children in Birmingham as young seven and eight were part of a crusade that strongly fought for the inequalities they were facing, then we the youth can also fight and advocate for change!


    View Alexandria's Speech HERE ]


    Culture and Climate Director


    Xochitl Diaz-Suarez



    I am a 17-year-old, upcoming Senior at Coliseum College Prep Academy with an interest in the Culture and Climate Director position. I have clear passions for racial justice, gender equality, closing the opportunity gap for marginalized communities, and overall dismantling oppressive systems in place. As a queer Latina, I’ve gained skills in leadership and mediation through programs based on the intersectionality of race, class, & gender. My identity fuels my leadership in taking initiative while empowering my peers to step into their roles and take ownership of their work. Through these programs, I’ve learned the importance of vulnerability, leadership, and honesty which led me to the conclusion of wanting a career in law. I delved deep into the topics of culture and realized how my gender and ethnicity established my place in the world. As an aspiring lawyer, it’s important for me to practice restorative justice in order to disrupt the cycles of oppression that have affected generations of families. Although I've received training in delegation and restorative justice through a legal fellowship I obtained, I’m excited to put my skills into practice while gaining experience as well. Being the Culture and Climate Director would push my skills even further and put me on my path of becoming a powerful Latina defense attorney.


    View Xochitl's Speech HERE ]


    Media Director 


    Alexis Ayala-Alvarado



    My passions are being involved in my community, playing volleyball, love to represent my culture of being Salvadoran, and being able to be active for any events that require social justice to fight in our community. I am Alexis Ayala-Alvarado from East Oakland that goes to CCPA. I am a latino and also part of the LGBTQ+. I tend to be an outspoken person, outgoing, and funny because it makes me be the person I am by being involved in anything and just speaking on what I feel in my mind and soul. 


    I am running for Media Director because I feel like in OUSD students should be heard and have a voice in changing where ideas are put in OUSD. I believe that the students from OUSD are constantly making changes that are helping our schools for a better future. I have always wanted to play a part in making a change in OUSD. Like I did in the teacher strike in 2019 by improving how people control some ideas that affect teachers, students, and other educators in OUSD. This is why I am running for Media Director to have my voice be heard and bring ideas to help change OUSD for future generations. 

    View Alexis' Speech HERE ]




    Lauren McDaniels



    Hello, my name is Lauren McDaniels. I use to be cheerleader for Montera Middle School so I am in a program called SPAAT, which helps student athletes. I am in the engineering academy at Oakland Tech, because I want to be a Biomedical Engineer and/or a Pediatrician. All my life when my friends or family were sick I would help them because I have always liked to help people. My family, SPAAT, and doctors I know inspired me to be a leader and want to say what’s right or wrong. My family have always told me with the help of God you can do anything and being a christian you always stick up for what’s right. SPAAT shows me that being a student athlete is possible and being a leader is the most important thing. The doctors in my life have told me that if I have a dream I should go for it. I am Honduran, black and many other things, being apart of the Latinx and black community I feel like they should be stood up for just as much as every other race. 


    View Lauren's Speech HERE ]


    LCAP Director


    Natalie Gallegos Chavez



    My name is Natalie Gallegos Chavez. My pronouns are she, her, hers. I am 15 years old. I am an incoming sophomore at Oakland Tech. I have been an active leader since the 7th grade. I have always loved helping people since I was young. When I attended middle school I was in student council, school site council, and I was a restorative justice leader. When I was in SSC I was the vice-chairperson. I was one of the LCAP student budget directors for All City Council 2019-20. I got inspired to become a leader in middle school when I met an adult in middle school. She helped me get out of my comfort things and get involved. After that, I saw things in our school system that needed to change. That's when I told myself we have to fight for what the students in this district needs.

    View Natalie's Speech HERE ]


    Health and Wellness Director 


    Christian Castillo


    I am a 17-year-old, rising senior, currently attending Coliseum College Prep Academy. At this moment in time, I am very much interested in becoming your Health and Wellness Director.

    I’ve always been passionate about medicine and would look for anything in the world that would solidify my commitment to the medical field. Specifically,  I chose to attend various medical-related programs. In these programs, I learned that most medical emergencies are influenced by environmental factors such as wealth, quality of food, quality of education, and housing security. My drive is to lessen the effects our environment has on our health. Most doctors don’t intend on fixing these environmental factors. Therefore, I want to join the medical field and be able to provide aid to those in my community by improving these environmental factors. This is a big stepping stone to making my dream a reality.


    View Christian's Speech HERE ]


    Student Directors 


    Sam Pal



    My name is Samantha Pal (she/her, they/them). I’m a Khmer student at Oakland High School as a junior. I am running for Student Director. 

    Growing up, I never really knew my worth. I struggled trying to make my family proud. Maybe it was because my skin was a little bit darker, or maybe it was because I wasn’t able to speak for myself. I mean my first language was definitely not English and still my passions lie around writing and storytelling. I may not be properly tongued but I feel like my writings and stories can really speak for themself and my struggles. Because there have been many times where I wanted to give up. So, as I got older, I found the importance of myself within a community. Being able to fight and advocate for more representation and seeing the value of young people. 

    I am running for Student Director because after getting involved with ACC since the sixth grade, I realized how important it is for me to have a seat, as a student of color on the school board, not just myself, but for AND with my family, my peers, and community. I am a part of Oakland’s legacy in making change for young people. I am here to make hxstory. Being a part of ACC is so much more than having a title. For me, it is more about saying “WE DID THAT!” It’s about asking “What is next?” continuing to aspire to inspire. Being able to bring back the hyphy era while also being educated and to educate. 


    View Sam's Speech HERE ]


    Jessica Carolina Ramos 



    Jessica Ramos was raised in Oakland, California and is a first gen student and is an upcoming Senior at Skyline High School. Jessica is an active organizer in her community and school district focusing on education and has become a voice for students. Jessica was a finalist for California Student Board Member

    As a student in Oakland Unified School District, She is the Director of Health & Nutrition for All City Council, the official voice of District students where she advocated for students' mental health, hosted webinars for students during school closures & co-led the “Water is life” campaign. She currently serves as a Commissioner & Government Affairs Officer for the City of Oakland Youth Advisory Commission. She is also part of Iceehouse, a youth media platform for Bay Area black & brown youth. 

    Jessica has a big passion for education, she wants a better outcome from Oakland schools, and students to feel comfortable to express their minds and feel welcomed. She hopes to become a teacher in the future for OUSD.  Jessica’s goal is to see equity in education across her school district and California. During her off time, Jessica travels to Mexico City to share her knowledge and passion for teaching and learning with fellow students. Jessica is committed to pursuing a life of higher education, empowering youth, and underrepresented communities. 


    View Jessica's Speech HERE ]


    CONGRATS to the 2021-2022 Newly Elected Governing Board!


    President: Linh Le

    Student Directors: Sam Pal & Natalie Gallegos Chavez

    LCAP Director: Anevay Cruz

    Culture & Climate Director: Vida Itzel Mendoza

    Media Director: Lauren McDaniels


    Open Positions for Special Election on May 26 4pm:

    • Vice President
    • 2nd LCAP Director
    • Secretary
    • Health & Wellness Director
    • Historian


    SIGN-UP to Run for a Position and/or to Vote in the May 26th Election HERE!


    Please contact Citlali Espinoza at citlali.espinoza@ousd.org if you would like to run for one of these positions!

    About ACC