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  • Governing Board 


    All-City Council (ACC) seeks to create positive change in our schools. We amplify student voice by serving as a bridge between adult decision-makers and the student body. We are a diverse team of student leaders who represent or are elected by the masses of students at our schools.


    ACC organizes campaigns and activities to serve the assessed needs of our constituents; including addressing internalized, interpersonal, and institutional oppression in our daily lives and the daily functioning of our schools and working towards solutions.


    All City Council Governing Board Member Positions 


    President -​ The president of the All-City Council shall be the officially recognized spokesperson for all policies and actions of All-City Council. Also the president shall chair All-City Council general and other meetings. The president has the power to break ties of simple majority votes among Delegates.


    Vice President -​ The vice president shall function with the powers and responsibilities of the president in the president’s absence. When the president is present, the vice president shall coordinate and oversee all ACC committee work.


    Secretary - ​The secretary shall ensure that the minutes and notices of each meeting are delivered to the adult sponsor for ACC as well as OUSD’s district wide student publication for immediate distribution, along with other All-City Council papers and information (i.e., the roster of the student body officers of all Oakland high schools for each semester). The secretary shall keep an accurate file and history of All-City Council meetings so that rapid and easy reference may be made to previous actions of the council. The secretary shall take minutes and read the previous minutes at each meeting.


    Culture & Climate Director -​ They shall advise the chairperson on any points of parliamentary law or by-laws. All action shall be guided by Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised. They shall be the point person for mediating all conflicts between Delegates, Governing Board members and other ACC affiliated persons. They shall be trained in restorative justice and be culture keeper within ACC.


    Media Director - ​The media director shall be in charge of all advertising of ACC including student website and OUSD district-wide student publication, scheduling outreach and class announcement at various schools, and coordination of outreach and recruitment of ACC members.


    Historian - ​The historian is responsible for maintaining records of ACC activities including taking pictures and filing accurate records of ACC events. The historian also shall ensure that the ACC body is keeping to the original vision and mission of ACC. If a member wants to impeach the ACC president, the member must bring the impeachment to the historian to begin the impeachment process.


    Health & Wellness Director - ​Responsible in organizing nutrition and wellness meetings at school sites to meet about nutrition and wellness issues on campus. Organizer is responsible for holding the district accountable in engaging students in wellness positions.


    LCAP Student Director (2 positions) - ​LCAP Student Director will sit on the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Parent Student Advisory Committee (PSAC) and will have a critical say in where money in their schools and in Oakland will be spent. The LCAP Student Directors will help ACC go over budget information and make informed decisions around OUSD’s budget. The LCAP Student Directors will be responsible for holding the LCAP student advisory committee accountable to their commitment and to their peers. This representative will report back to us what happens in the LCAP meetings to the Governing Board.


    Please read more about what the LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) is and what that committee does HERE.


    Here's a helpful infographic flyer overviewing why the LCAP is important!


    Student Director (2 positions) on the Board of Education:


    ​The representatives shall attend all Board of Education meetings. The student directors must make a report at each All-City Council meeting. The student directors must adhere to the following procedures:


    • Share and coordinate responsibilities with each other.
    • Be on time to Board of Education meetings.
    • Go on record as representing ACC and soliciting ACC feedback on specific issues.
    • Have knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order.
    • Should be briefed by the All-City Council but may report on activities of individual schools.
    • Should feel free to speak at Board meetings upon being recognized by the chairperson of the Board.
    • Ensure that the All-City Council receives a full accounting of all actions and proceedings that take place at each Board meeting.



    Meet the 2021-22 All City Council Governing Board: 



    Linh Le



    My name is Linh Le (She/Her/Hers) and I am a junior at Oakland High. I have served as President of All City Council for the past 3 years and I've always been an active leader since middle school. In middle school I was involved in MS ACC, student council, and a restorative peer RJ leader. I have also served as Vice President (1 term) and President (2 terms) of my graduating class's office, helping my other class officers fundraise money for our class account, communicating with different fundraise sources, and planning for school dances and events in leadership. I also created a series of videos with Alliance for Girls educating girls in OUSD about their rights. I was a grant maker with Alliance for Girls, granting money to different programs and organizations in the bay area. I am a key club member a part of Division 2 North doing services for my school and community, I have canvas for the statewide ballot initiative; Schools and Communities First, lead workshops educating youth about the importance of voting, and registered 16 and 17 years to vote. I was the president of the All City Council Student Union for the 2019-2020 school year. Currently I am a student advisor with Learning Lab, the Walter & Elise Haas Fund, brainstorming solutions for a more equitable education for young women of color during the COVID-19 pandemic.


    Vice President

    Sophie Tran

    My name is Sophie Tran, I am a sophomore at Oakland High School. I learned about ACC through a documentary called Homeroom, where it focused on OUSD's social issues. This film made me realize the impact of students' voices, and wanted to make a difference in my community, so that is why I decided to run for Vice President.




    Saron Tsehaye



    My name is Saron and I’m a senior at Oakland International. I'm the president of Associated Student Government at OI. I joined ACC because I want to collaborate with other student organizations as well since my school is for newcomers to the US. I want the district to give more opportunities and attention to our school. Since the purpose of ACC is to let students' voices heard I love to stay in touch and work for change along with them. As a secretary, my goal is to make everything right and to make sure that all students' voices are heard and solved their needs.


    Culture and Climate Director

    Vida Itzel Mendoza

    My name is Vida Mendoza, I am a sophomore at Life Academy. I decided to take on the role of culture and climate director to better accommodate student's needs. Being in distant learning was a rough time for many students and now that we are back many things have changed. It’s important that every student feels not only welcome but safe in this district. I often see that there is a separation between teachers and staff in schools, this causes students to feel uncomfortable reaching out for support when they need it.  During the year that I have in this role my goal is to ensure that students are more involved in creating the environment that best suits their learning style.  Everyone learns in a different way so it is important to diversify the way students participate in the classroom. I also want to make sure that students are well supported and recognized as important because they are.


    Media Director 

    Lauren McDaniels

    My name is Lauren McDaniels (she/her), I attend Oakland Tech and I am in the 11th grade. Growing up being a Black, Latina, and a young lady, many people have tried to keep me quiet but my parents raised me to have a voice! My family have always told me with the help of God you can do anything and being a christian you always stick up for what’s right. I am also in an organization called SPAAT, which supports student athletes and has shown me that being a student athelete is possile and being a leader is the most important thing. I just want to be able to share information and inform our student body on what's going on in our schools and district. I am also currently attending a program with UC Berkeley. 




    Janie Otero

    My name is Janie Otero (she/her/hers) and I am a senior at Life Academy High School. I chose to be part of the Governing Board team of All City Council because I wanted to create a change in our education system and raise awareness about issues we see in our schools. As student leaders, we are able to talk about our own experiences and what we can do to create a more equitable school system where students get the same opportunity to further their education.

    Being from Oakland, where we see many youth of color, we need to be knowledgeable on how we can support our community and help them find their passion by creating and allowing students to network. As a community, we have to strive to get our students to further their education and help them surpass the stigmatization many people of color have to live with on an everyday basis.

    Giving students the ability to be heard and speak up about issues will show that they are being acknowledged. Having OUSD be held accountable for their actions by having students share out their opinion and experiences will allow us to build a better and more equitable community!


    LCAP Directors

    Anevay Cruz

    Hi my name is Anevay Cruz I am a Sophomore at Oakland High and I am one of the LCAP student directors in ACC. Some of the reasons I want to represent OUSD students is because I care about the different decisions that will be made upon the OUSD that will affect my peers and I. I want to be a voice for our students who need somebody to be their voice. I want to represent OUSD students because I want to show my peers that every community has a say in our districts decisions. I also think that it is very important for our students to be able to have a voice to speak for themselves. I want to make sure our students are getting a seat at the table when it comes to decision making. I think that I am the best candidate for this position because I have a lot of experience with community work and working with big teams. I'm not scared to start a conversation or voice my opinion on something I think is important. School is also a very big priority to me and it is very important to me so I know that I will be able to stay dedicated and prioritize this position. Although I wasn’t in my middle school SSC I have someone right now who is guiding me and teaching about the work that needs to be done to have and keep a position in LCAP. I also think that it is very important and serious for students to have a voice so I will be a good person to voice and represent the OUSD students. I have had a lot of experience in middle school when it comes to leadership and decision making. I am always there when someone needs help. Some issues that stand out to me are the representation of minorities in OUSD. Another thing that I see is an issue is people are cutting funds for things that matter to the students the most such as RJ. One way I think the issue could be fixed about minority representation is trying to involve minorities more and reach out to minority groups. Another thing that can be done is make more programs specifically for minority groups. A solution for people cutting funds for things that matter most to students is having more students speak out on why these things shouldn't be cut. I feel that Oakland Youth Vote will really help resolve this issue.


    Irea Vasquez

    Hello! My name is Irea Vasquez (She/her/hers) and I am a junior at MetWest High School. I chose to be a part of ACC because I come from a small school. Coming from a small school, you don't get much intel or attention from the district nor anyone really, no one knows where MetWest High School is located, and never even heard about it. My school raises us to be leaders of change, talk about social issues and prepare to lead our generation. At the beginning of August 2021, my peers and I started having a conversation about the district, how we often feel as they aren't being completely honest with us. The thing OUSD doesn't realize is that we (students) should be able to have a voice in what happens to OUR schools, to what goes into OUR education. I plan to advocate for my peers every change I get and to teach myself as well as others about what is happening with OUSD! 


    Health and Wellness Director 

    Fabiola Chavez Ayala

    My name is Fabiola Chavez-Ayala and I'm a Sophomore at Fremont High School, and member of our Leadership class. Health has always been something important to me and I highly value good health. As the Health and Wellness Director I am working to improve the nutrition of OUSD students and help the students have access to food and health resources. I have witnessed how many kids eat junk food like takis for their lunch or breakfast and not even try the school lunch because they don’t find it appetizing. I am working to have a positive impact in the schools, am ready to advocate for every school campus to have a health care provider and to improve the lunches given in schools. I am working to increase access to mental health resources available to all high school students and to increase the number of food drives in Oakland. I’m usually a quiet kid, but I'm not afraid to use my voice to stand up for what’s right. I am a very passionate person and I have a strong ambition. I’m looking forward to working with youth across the city!


    Student Directors 

    Sam Pal


    My name is Samantha Pal (she/her, they/them). I’m a Khmer student at Oakland High School as a senior and I am serving as Student Director for my 2nd term. Let me just say this, OUSD IS NOT DONE HEARING FROM ME. 

    We were asked why we want to represent OUSD students and I feel like it's not just about being able to represent OUSD students but being able to set up a path for the next generations to work together and with each other. It doesn't matter if I'll be in my senior year of high school, what matters is that I'm working with you all to set up a district and create a better education for our young loved ones. The work I'm doing is for my family, especially coming from my background as a southeast asian student constantly being told that I won't make it anywhere in life. I've been stripped from my own identity and I am here to reclaim my people's stories. I want to reassure my family that it's okay to step outside of our comfort zone. I'm one of the best candidates for this position because growing with ACC and RJ made me into the person I am today. I've grown to learn the work and I'm looking forward to what ACC has in store for next year. And I'm ready to prove people wrong about young people.

    While we talk about voting and representation within ourselves and our community, we need to push for more as student directors. I would love to strengthen student-adult partnership because we are not a district without each other. It's important to do all of this work together. And what I learned while sitting on our school board during the 2020-21 school year, is that we need to have a full vote. Yes, we are able to influence the board when they should represent the young people, but if we are on their roll call, if we are sitting on the school board, anf if we are there for each school board member to listen to young people, then we need to have the student directors' votes counted because we are in these different conversations about our own education system. We are taking control of our district and school board now because this is our time and it has been our time. It's time to stop looking at the vision, when we should really be addressing the reality to work towards the vision.

    I'm ready to continue the work and build the connections I already have with board members and build what I have already learned within the past year to make one last change with the board since I will be in my last year of being in OUSD. I'm ready to have one conversation at a time because if nobody's talking about it, then who will? I said before, let's not normalize "normal". If we're making changes then it has to be with our young people at the center. I'm here for another year so I'm going to make the most out of the time I have left right now because ain't no power like the power of the youth cos the power of the youth don't stop!!



    Natalie Gallegos-Chavez 

    My name is Natalie Gallegos (she/her), I am a junior at Oakland High, and one of this year's Student Directors. I decided to be a part of ACC again because during the last two-terms, I have had an amazing time serving as one of the LCAP student budget directors. I love how ACC makes sure our voices are being heard and that our needs are being met. My goals as one of the Student directors are to make sure our youth and community voices are being heard and that their needs are being met. In addition, I want to help make a change in our school district to make sure our schools are safe spaces for our students.



    About ACC  

    Frick Middle School
    2845 64th Avenue

    Music Building

    Oakland, CA 94605

    Phone: 510.879.2938


    Student Engagement Specialist, Citlali Espinoza 

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