OUSD LBU Monitoring



    In order to provide economic opportunity for Oakland residents and businesses and
    stimulate economic development, the Oakland Unified School District ("District")
    implemented in December of 2008 a program that has directly impacted how public
    funds are spent. The 2008 program, commonly referred to as the Local, Small Local
    and Small Local Resident Business Enterprise Program (2008 S/SL/SLRBE) has
    proven to be a great success, stimulating economic development through the
    support and empowerment of the local community, especially groups that have
    historically been disadvantaged. The District's primary goal under the 2008
    L/SL/SLRBE was to partner with the local community and demonstrate its leadership
    by harnessing local resources so as to achieve maximum local benefits. In 2014 the S/SL/SLRBE policy was amended to raise the Local Business Utilization to 50% participation on OUSD Capital Projects.  You can find the 2014 policy amendment by clicking here.     


    Quarterly Reports:

    During this quarter, the team focused on:

    • Working with the City of Oakland to identify strategies to assist contractors interested in      OUSD opportunities to complete certifications and obtain recertifications with the City of      Oakland
    • Continuing to connect with contractors to inform them of OUSD contract opportunities, the    LBU Program, and to encourage them to complete the City of Oakland certification and OUSD  prequalification processes
    • Referring contractors to available technical assistance resources
    • Posting positive social media messages

    1st Quater-2020

    OUSD LBU Narrative Report 1st Quarter 2020

    OUSD LBU Monitoring Report 1st Quarter 2020

    2nd Quarter - 2020

    OUSD LBU Narrative Report 2nd Quarter 2020

    OUSD LBU Monitoring Report 2nd Quarter 2020

    3rd Quarter - 2020

    OUSD LBU Narrative Report 3rd Quarter 2020

    OUSD LBU Monitoring Report 3rd Quarter 2020

    4th Quarter - 2020

    OUSD LBU Narrative Report 4th Quarter 2020

    OUSD LBU Monitoring Report 4th Quarter 2020


    If you have any questions regarding the LBU Narrative or the Monitoring Reports, feel free to contact Andrea Lowe at alowe@lowecg.com.