Testing and Grading

  • Our schools will not be administering any of the state required state tests this year.


    Individual teachers may decide to give a quiz on the new content students are learning as a way to know how students are progressing in the new content and to know how to adjust their teaching. These quizzes, or formative assessments, will not be collected by the central office, not be used for grading or any type of placement exam for future grades.


    Regarding grades, we want to ensure that students can access new content but not be penalized for adapting to a new learning style. We also wanted to ensure that colleges and universities will support our approach to grading prior to making a decision. For 6th-12th grade students, we are taking a credit/no credit approach to grading. There are specific interventions in place and plenty of opportunities for a student to make up work so they do not fail and receive a grade of no credit. For pre-kindergarten and elementary students, teachers will focus on the comments section for the final trimester report card and not issue specific grades.