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    To decrease bullying and prevent incidents of anti-Asian discrimination, educators and families can play a critical role in helping young people understand the history and context for anti-Asian racism in the United States and around the world that has flared up due to COVID-19 originating in China. 


    See Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell's statement "Oakland Stands United Against Racism."


    Here are some resources and ideas for lesson plans we've compiled to use with your students:


    Curriculum Resource Guide for Elementary Schools 


    Curriculum Resource Guide for Middle & High Schools 


    Please share any additional resources that should be included by emailing lailan.huen@ousd.org or commenting on the document!



    Resources for Students


    #StopAAPIHate Reporting Forms: Students can report incidents so that officials and advocates can track, link people to resources, and develop a community response.


    Students impacted by bullying needing immediate support can contact the Crisis Text Line, and Asian American students can get culturally responsive free counseling through IWAY: Improving Wellness for Asian Youth.





    There are a few upcoming opportunities to learn more about how to respond to incidents, how to prepare your students to respond, and how to build solidarity between communities during this time:


    Bystander Intervention Virtual Trainings Hosted by Hollaback! & Asian Americans Advancing Justice


    More Resources from Hollaback!

    Additional Resources

    • IMPACT Bay Area Training:  Free online classes to empower the community during the pandemic, including "Facing AAPI Race-Based Harassment" - Register here


    This 90-minute class will introduce strategies that can be helpful in the face of race-based harassment like adrenaline management, de-escalation, and verbal boundary setting, as well as bystander intervention. This class is for AAPI identified and presenting individuals. Registration required, limited to 25 participants in each class.


    Two-Part Intercultural Panel Series Hosted by ING: Solidarity in a Time of Crisis: Standing with Asian Americans

      1. The Asian American Community is Hurting: How You Can Take Action

      2. History of Discrimination Against Asian Americans: What We Need to Do About It Now