Dear Community and Neighbors,


    The REACH Academy school community is in need of your support and help!!  Due to COVID-19 and the subsequent school closures, many of our students and families are suffering and lacking basic necessities including food, water, toiletries, etc. – Parents have lost jobs, childcare and the ability to provide for their children and families making it difficult to survive.  Our dedicated and hard-working families create an amazing school community!  They volunteer in classrooms, the cafeteria, our front office, the playground and throughout the school touching hearts and transforming lives.  Their commitment, love and compassion are unsurpassed.  Please give and make a difference!

    REACH Academy is a Title 1, public school located in deep East Oakland. We serve an ethnically and culturally diverse community.  Our beautiful families are dedicated to achieving educational equity.  However, this has become a challenge with many of our families lacking technology (i.e. computers, laptops, tablets, etc.), as well as access to the Internet.  As a result, students are losing valuable instruction because they do not have devices to access on-line learning at home as the digital divide and equity gap widens. The coronavirus and resulting, “Shelter in Place” order have hit our community hard.  You can support by donating and providing for our families in need.  Together, we will make it through these trying times.

    As the Principal of REACH Academy, I am asking for you, the larger community, to support our families during this crisis. 100% of your donation will be used to purchase groceries, technology and other basic necessities (i.e. toilet paper, sanitizer, masks, wipes, feminine hygiene items, socks, toothpaste, paper towels, clothes, gift cards, etc.) to give to REACH families over the next several months to sustain them, as well as to give our students HOPE.  In this time of great need, your support will make a BIG difference in helping our students and families make it through these challenging  and unprecedented times! 

    Please email me at: Natasha.Moore@ousd.org

    With appreciation,


    Natasha Flint-Moore, REACH Academy Principal