• September 3rd, 2021 Virtual Racial Justice Summit


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    September 2021 Summit


    1:00-1:35 Opening Panel on Lessons Learned in Implementing Racial Justice & Antiracism in OUSD Schools



    1:45-3:15 Concurrent Racial Justice Workshops:


    • Ethnic Studies 101 & OUSD’s Framework
    • Implementing the George Floyd Resolution & Police-Free Schools
    • Cultivating Healing & Community in the Classroom
    • Equity Traps: Developing Mindfulness & Counter-Strategies
    • Preventing & Addressing Islamophobia and Bullying in Our Schools
    • Equity in Family Engagement: Parent Teacher Home Visit (PTHV) Training




    Ethnic Studies 101 & OUSD’s Framework

    Facilitators: Leah Aguilera (Ethnic Studies TSA), Chela Delgado (CCPA Ethnic Studies Teacher), Marisa Villegas (Latino/a Student Achievement)


    • Overview OUSD’s Ethnic Studies framework, including pedagogical principles, and dialogue on implementation of antiracist and culturally responsive curriculum in classrooms and beyond.
    • Ground in student outcomes, performance assessment projects, and learnings in Oakland’s current context.



    Link to Ethnic Studies Workshop SLIDE DECK HERE ]


    Implementing the George Floyd Resolution & Police-Free Schools

    Facilitator: Misha Karigaca (George Floyd Design Team and Attendance & Discipline Support Services)


    • Identify our roles in helping to implement police-free schools and building cultures of true safety.
    • Locate our work within the broader ecosystem of systemic change in OUSD.



    Please Note: A portion of the workshop was not included in the recording, pardon the interruption!


    Link to Police-Free Schools Workshop SLIDE DECK HERE ]


    Cultivating Healing & Community in the Classroom

    Facilitators: Leilani Salvador (BAY-Peace Director) & Youth Leaders Cinthya Barron-Broussard & Sam Martinez


    • Understand the 5 principles of Healing-Centered Engagement and begin making concrete plans for how we can integrate them into our classroom routines and curriculum outlines.



    Link to Healing & Community Workshop SLIDE DECK HERE ] 


    Equity Traps: Developing Mindfulness & Counter-Strategies

    Facilitators: Lailan Sandra Huen (Equity - Antiracist Learning), Eve Delfin (Equity - Latino Targeted Specialist)


    • Explore the most common ‘equity traps’ in schools that are shaped by racist belief systems.
    • Develop mindfulness around how these show up in Oakland schools and how we can interrupt these behaviors.
    • Share experiences in small groups to collaboratively develop counter-strategies to show up for racial justice.



    Link to Equity Traps Workshop SLIDE DECK HERE ] 


    Preventing & Addressing Islamophobia and Bullying in Our Schools

    Facilitators: Jehan Hakim (Equity, Arab American Specialist)


    • Deepen an understanding of the definition of Islamophobia, its historical context and its impact on American Muslim youth.
    • Understanding how to address and prevent bullying in our schools, and develop ideas for Bullying Prevention Month in October.



    Link to Islamophobia Workshop SLIDE DECK HERE ] 


    Equity in Family Engagement: Parent Teacher Home Visit (PTHV) Training


    Facilitator: Raquel Jimenez, Ylda Garica, Judith Mendez (Office of Equity) 

    • Build intentional relationships with students’ families to engage them as partners to assure equity and access for all of our students. 
    • Understand OUSD’s anti-racist family engagement framework and learn about the virtual PTHV adapted protocol and best practices.


    FYI this training is required to be in-person and cannot be recorded.


    Link to Home Visit Workshop SLIDE DECK HERE ] 


    Sharing Racial Justice Student Discussion Guides & Resources from OUSD Teachers:


    Elementary School - Safety


    Middle School - Belonging


    High School - Solidarity


    For more information about Racial Affinity Groups, click here.






    OUSD's Racial Justice and Healing Taskforce was founded in the summer of 2019 with leaders in the Principal Professional Learning Bias Cohort, Office of Equity, Behavioral Health, Restorative Justice, Health and Wellness, Special Education, Expanded Learning, English Language Learner & Multilingual Achievement, and Teacher Support to build a district-wide initiative to lift up a racial justice, equity and healing mindset for all educators in Oakland. This taskforce combined two taskforces focused on Culturally Responsive Practices and Implicit Bias as mandated by the Voluntary Resolution Plan created to address disproportionate suspensions of African American students in OUSD.


    From a grant through the California School Based Health Alliance, the Taskforce hosted a speaker series focused on developing culturally responsive practices in our schools in the spring of 2019.  Building on OUSD’s Core Values of Cultural Responsiveness and Equity, the entire OUSD community, staff, teachers, and families attended events and trainings with some of the nation’s most prominent leaders in the field of transformative education practices to effectively serve and support diverse populations of students.  During the 2019-2020 school year, school site professional development at middle schools delved deeper into how school communities can integrate frameworks and practices into school culture and institutional structure.


    In January 2020, the Taskforce held the first Racial Justice, Equity and Healing Summit which attracted over 300 educators from across the district to share core professional learning workshops.  Racial Affinity Circles were organized in Summer 2020 by Taskforce members to hold safe space for Black, API, Latin@ and Native, White and Jewish communities to come together to discuss our various roles in the Movement for Black Lives, and will continue through the school year.  For the 2020-2021 school year, the Taskforce focused on integrating professional development in the New Teacher supports, the Principal Leadership Institute, Teacher and Staff Professional Development offerings, and a Training-for-Trainers Series for school sites to send a team to be able to lead site work.  The September 25th 2020 Professional Learning Day focused on facilitating Racial Justice discussions in our school communities for Elementary, Middle and High School Students, and the February 19th 2021 Summit launched the site Racial Affinity Group Facilitator Fellowship.  The September 3rd 2021 Summit highlighted lessons learned from sites on implementing antiracism initiatives, and included new workshops on the George Floyd Resolution implementation, Ethnic Studies, Islamophobia and Cultivating Healing in the Classroom.


    Focus areas through work groups for 2021-22 include:

    • Supporting Black Thriving & District-Wide Coordination
    • Equity Policy & Administrative Regulations
    • Piloting Equity Champion School Sites
    • Antiracist & Culturally Responsive Curriculum
    • Developing Site Racial Justice LearningAffinity Groups 


    Please contact Lailan.Huen@ousd.org & Raquel.Jimenez@ousd.org to request support, join the Taskforce, or with any questions!




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