Equitable Enrollment Initiative

  • Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) is working to re-examine enrollment policies in the school district with a lens towards increasing equitable access to our schools. This work is part of OUSD's Citywide Plan to ensure a quality school for all Oakland students.


    The OUSD School Board held a retreat on February 1, 2020, to begin the conversation about what an equitable enrollment policy could look like. Materials from the retreat are linked below. As an outcome of the retreat, OUSD is convening a working group of staff, parents, and students to understand the concerns around enrollment from a broad constituency and research potential solutions to bring back to the community and Board. There will be opportunities for members of the OUSD community to hear updates and provide feedback. You can sign up here to receive updates about our work.


    The working group invites all Oakland families to participate in our community survey (link here and below). We want your voice to be heard!



    All materials that are linked below are also available in a folder here.


    Board Retreat Materials

    Agendas from Working Group Meetings

    Case Studies from Other Districts

    Other Resources

Working Group Membership