• Kinder Transition Teacher Leaders (KTTLs)

    These teacher leaders are dyads of Kindergarten/TK and Preschool teachers working together to transform how schools engage young children and their families to ensure early school success.


    The following is a list of Kinder Transition Teacher Leaders (PreK-Kinder) working together at their school sites to support early school success from preschool to elementary school.

  • Support Clusters

    A smooth transition into kindergarten and TK requires the support of families, school and community. Our schools and teachers can count on support clusters to help our youngest learners excel in Kinder/TK.


    • Elementary / Preschool Principals
    • Community School Managers
    • New Teacher Center Coaches
    • School Librarians
    • Nutrition Service Workers
    • Family Liasons
    • Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants
    • Community partners and families