• Montera is proud of its dedicated and professional staff!

    Learn more about the teachers, administrators, counselors and support staff that maintain our Toro spirit and excellence. All of these profiles were written by Montera's incredidle Strong Young Leaders (SYL). Go Toros!


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  • Ms. Ramos

    Ms. Ramos

    Ms. Ramos became a teacher because she thought it was the most exciting profession. She gets to be creative, while at the same time working with kids and being part of a community. She especially loves when kids have an “Aha!” moment and step into their powers.

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  •  Ms. Guerrero

    Ms. Guerrero

    Ms. Guerrero got into teaching because she loves languages, loves to communicate with people, wants to interact with people, and wanted to travel more. She used to teach Spanish to heritage speakers at another school, but wanted to move on and teach Spanish to English speakers.

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  •  Mx. J

    Mx. J!

    Mx. J became a teacher because they believe that education is an important path to social and economic justice, and young people inspire them. They teach history because it shapes all of our stories, and SYL is an opportunity for them to learn from students.

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  • Ms. Williams

    Ms. Williams

    Ms. Williams became a teacher because she wants to make a difference, inspire and be inspired, and influence the next generation. She chose to teachEnglish because she has always loved reading and writing. Reading allows an escape from reality. 

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  • Mr. Behar

    Mr. Behar

    Mr. Behar became a teacher because he enjoys beingaround young people and loves watching themunderstand what they’re learning.

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