•        As we step out of the bus into the crisp cold air with 150 children from different OUSD middle schools, the children, bursting with excitement, look up at the massive redwood trees. Over the next three days, they would play 8 hours of music a day in a magical forest setting close to the coast. In between the organized meals prepared by Cazadero staff they would split off into Orchestra and Band groups and sometimes smaller groups based on their given instruments. They would get breaks where they would run off to the streams to find frogs and also play outdoor sports. At night after playing more music they would organize for sleep and after giggling and talking themselves to sleep, they would fall asleep under the stars. Despite the cold 40+ degree evenings the children remained positive and continued to participate fully with the teachers through the days. Multiple middle school and high school teachers volunteered for the weekend and brought their individual talents to each of the practices. Other newer teachers used this opportunity to learn from their colleagues and all the teachers got to compose on the day of the final performance.

Last Modified on July 27, 2021