Welcome to Skyline

  • Greetings Skyline High School prospective families and students,


    We first want to thank you for considering Skyline High School as a secondary school for your child.  We have so many amazing happenings and offerings for you and are tremendously excited to share all that is Skyline High School with you!  Our comprehensive public high school has all that your child could possibly want in a high school and while there are several great options in the area, we know Skyline can be the right choice for you and your child.


    During the Prospective Family and Student season (November through January), Skyline High School offers a bevy of opportunities for students and families alike to learn all about Skyline High School.  From tours to shadow days to current parent and student panels, we strive to support families with all the information they need in deciding on a high school for their middle school children.


    The event season begins with our prospective families and student night in November, followed by six opportunities to take a guided tour during a school day in either November or early December.  In January we offer several shadow days for students to shadow a current 9th or 10th grader during the school day.  In late January, we will host our annual current parent and student panel as a final opportunity to learn and ask questions about Skyline High School prior to making your high school choice selection.


    Also note that we will be attending all high school options fairs that are taking place at the various public, private and charter schools around Oakland.  These events are organized by our middle school partners and sometimes these events are during the school day and other times these events are in the evening.  Reach out to the principals at your middle school to determine what events are scheduled for high school options and transition and we will see you there!


    Finally, you are always welcome to reach out to Mr. Anderson—our assistant principal dedicated to recruitment, enrollment and middle school transition support—directly at justin.anderson@ousd.org to get any last minute questions answered. Below you can find more detailed descriptions of each opportunity that you have to learn about Skyline High School.


    We understand how important this decision is for you and your family and we are thrilled to support you throughout the enrollment season.  Do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for considering Skyline High School, the right choice for you and your student.  Go Titans!