Thank you for your interest in working in OUSD School Libraries. With limited funding, our vision is model libraries. We ask volunteers to support our professional staff - Teacher-Librarians and Library Techs - at the District and site level to support our vision and to attract funders.  


    Just as we would not want a person who is not a teacher to walk into a classroom and start to teach, we wouldn't want a person to step into our libraries and begin to provide services without some understanding of the pedagogy. There are some deep aspects to circulation and library services that may not be immediately apparent. Completing several segments of online and in-person training is a start.


    These trainings are meant to be taken in order, and supervised by the District Library Manager (DLM) or designee. If you are interested in working in the libraries, please contact the DLM  before you begin and after you take each training. In that way we can collaborate with your learning. These trainings are still in development, so thank you for your support in giving feedback as to how long the trainings take and any other information you feel will be useful for us and future learners. 



    Library Training 1: Background &  Philosophy for School Libraries (30 min). 

    A BRIEF introduction to Library Bill of Rights, Intellectual Freedom, Privacy, the Reference Interview. 


    Library Training 2: How to Access & Shelve books. Dewey Decimal System. Collection Development, Weeding. (30 min). 


    Library Training 2.5: Google Apps


    Library Training 3: Policies, Orientations & Class Schedules (30+ min).


    Library Training 4: Destiny Library Manager 1 : Basics.  Destiny, Circulation, Catalog Searches, Home Tab, Help.


    Library Training 5: Destiny Library Manager 2: Advanced. Patrons, Overdues & Privacy, Inventory.


    Library Training 6: Destiny Library Manager 3: Expert. Holds, Resources Lists, Dashboard, HomePage 


    Library Training 7: Destiny Library Manager 4: Expert.  Reporting on your successes

    Library Training 7: Repairing Books

    Library Training 8: Cataloging

    Storytelling & Booktalking