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    Healthy Schools | Water

    Healthy Schools Launch!

    Kick off the school year by promoting general health and wellness! The beginning of the school year is a great opportunity to get students, staff, and families engaged. Start with some ideas below.



    • Monthly Bulletin Board
      • A rotating bulletin board can help promote wellness all year-round. Each month, we offer different suggestions for you to update your bulletin board according to the current month's theme.
      • Welcome students back with a board that promotes the image of a healthy school year. Put up photos of students being active, using the FloWater station, drinking water, going to the dentist, practicing mindfulness, gardening, and preparing or eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
      • Have students create posters on what healthy looks like to them and display them on the board.
    • School Announcements on the PA system
      • "Welcome back to school! My name is ________ and I am your Wellness Champion! Throughout the school year, I will be engaging with you in various ways to champion health and wellness for students, staff, and families. Our goal is to eat healthier food, drink more water, get more physical activity, learn more about how to live healthier--physically and mentally--and create a safe and positive school environment."
    • Letters to Send Home


    Learning for Students

    •  Discuss with students what health and wellness means to them and what they can do to be healthy this school year.



    • Set up a spa water station (water with fruit, vegetables, or herbs) at back-to-school night! Recipes here.


    Resources to Share



    Promote the drinking of clean, refreshing water provided at FloWater stations at your school! Encourage students and staff to bring their refillable water bottles, fill up at FloWater stations, water fountains, or tap from the sink, and stay hydrated throughout the day.



    • School Announcement
      • "[Beat the heat!] Cool down with some refreshing cold water from our FloWater station! You can also get water from the water fountains and tap from the sink. Bring your resuable water bottle to fill up and stay hydrated throughout the day."
    • Letters to Send Home
    • Flyers/Posters
      • Bay Area Nutrition & Physical Activity Collaborative water fact sheet (in English, Spanish, and Chinese)


    Resources to Share



Last Modified on August 22, 2019