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    Health Access | Gardens | Produce Markets

    Health Access and Resources

    Get to know the various resources available to help you get and stay healthy this school year!



    • Bulletin Board
    • School Announcements
      • “Did you know that there are currently 16 health centers serving students in OUSD schools? Some of our Health Centers can also treat family members, including siblings and parents, or other members of the community. The closest one is ________. Ask ________ for more information on how to find it!" 
      • “Health centers provide access to important medical, mental health and health education services for youth and their families. School-based health centers can treat and help manage asthma, diabetes, depression, anxiety, trauma, and sexually transmitted infections, so students can remain on campus and return to class ready to learn."
      • “Flu season is just around the corner. Did you know that OUSD Elementary Schools provide FREE flu shots to students during October? Get ready for Shoo the Flu day on [date] (check the “Participating Schools" list for your school's Shoo the Flu day). Students, make sure you get your parent's autograph on the parent consent form and you hand it in to receive your FREE flu vaccine at school!"
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    • Check the Participating Schools list for your school's Shoo the Flu day. Have students bring in their signed parent consent form to receive their free flu vaccine at school.


    Learning for Students


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    OUSD promotes garden education and year-round healthy eating. Check out the gardens at OUSD school! Learn more at the OUSD Garden Education site and more garden promotion to come in April!



    • School Announcement
      • (For sites with gardens): “Fall is harvest time! Have you checked out the school garden yet? Stop by with your friends and family to admire what your school is growing!"
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    Learning for Students



    • Contact your school's FoodCorps member, Garden Steward, or Wellness Champion, or other caretakers to coordinate garden and nutrition education lessons, if you have one at your site.


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    Produce Markets 

    Support your local farmers by purchasing your food from produce stands and farmers' markets! If you have produce markets at your school, invite students and families to check it out.



    • School Announcements
      • “Need to go grocery shopping? Buy local! There are many Farmers' Markets in Oakland that are open year-round. Some have the Market Match program to help make sure people can afford the fresh produce they need. Don't forget to try the samples and maybe you'll discover a new food!"
      • (For sites with a produce market onsite or nearby): “A farmers' market is here on [date] at [time]! Make sure to invite your families to join us!"
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    • If your site has a produce market, take a “field trip" to visit!


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Last Modified on August 22, 2019