• African American Woman Smiling Community School Manager


    Jaymie Lollie




    I grew up in Richmond, California attending public schools my entire K-12 education.  School opened up the world to me and I want to do the same for my the amazing Frick Impact Academy community. I love helping to provide new experiences for young people so that they can dream big. It is so important that all students know they are not defined by the walls others put around them, and that there are adults ready to support them as they break through barriers.


    Education could be considered the family industry, having two aunts, and my grandmother as retired teachers. I found my space in education during college where I worked as a academic mentor to local students who needed a little extra. I found my heart in this work, and haven’t looked back. I pursued my BA in Economics at San Francisco State University and my MBA at the University of Phoenix.


    There is so much work to be done, and I know I can't do it alone.  Our school partners are essential in helping our school meeting family and student needs.  I love working with to create solutions to the problems we are facing as a school community.   They have helped me think different lead us to solutions I never imagined. Even after close to twenty years in this work I’m still a learner.


    Students continue to be my "why".  They are the center of this work, and I feel a deep commitment to make things as right as possible for them.  And when things aren't right; I want to empower them to lift up their own voices as they advocate for how things should be.  I believe that students are amazing truth-tellers.  I believe they do whatever they set their mind and heart on.  I believe that if I can, they can, so we will.


    Time spent with my family and friends is precious to me. Being of service to my local community feeds my soul. I love international travel having traveled in Europe and South America. Cooking is a favorite pastime, allowing me to bring my travels home.