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    The Board adopted the Facilities Master Plan that identified over $3 billion in need.  In November 2020, Oakland voters passed Measure Y, a $735 million School Facilities Improvement Bond. This bond was placed on the ballot by the Board to fund improvements needed across the District.  Through a thorough community engagement process, the OUSD Board adopted a prioritized spending plan in April 2021.  The last time a bond was authorized was Measure J in 2012, and before that, Measure B in 2006. 



Facilities Master Plan 2020


    The Facilities Master Plan is the District’s strategic plan to optimize the utilization of our facilities to best support our students.  The plan outlines the current conditions of all the facilities that OUSD owns.  OUSD Board members and District Administrators use the Facilities Master Plan to effectively plan allocations of future programs and help evaluate current programs to ensure that our educational offerings are at a site that can accommodate their full capacity.  Our Facilities Master Plan was developed with an equitable lens to ensure that we are providing the very best learning opportunities for our students across the entire district.   The plan helped identify and prioritize facility needs and made us eligible for state bond funds and support a local bond. The Facilities Master Plan has been informed by processes like the Blue Print for Quality Schools, City Wide Plan as well as our 7-11 process.  The 7-11 process guided the school district to make important decisions to maximize our resources to best support our students. 


    The Facilities Department started the process of identifying a firm to develop the Facilities Master Plan by releasing a Request for Proposals in December 2018; four proposals were received in January 2019.  Out of the proposals received, the proposal from MK Think stood out to facilitate this process due to the experience of having worked well with other school districts in a similar capacity.   The contract for MK Think went to OUSD Board and was approved at the board meeting that took place on April 10th 2019.  Some of the work that MK Think is being tasked to do is to develop The Facilities Master Plan which will be a tool that synthesizes various different plans, data points, and Board policies in order to create a process for strategic decision making in the District. 


    MK Think combined data points from the 2012 Facilities Master Plan and the 2017 Jacobs Blueprint for Quality Schools.  They also used the Facility Utilization Baseline Estimator that our Research Data and Assessment Department created.   Facility Utilization Baseline Estimator is a tool to help develop an accurate utilization estimate for each school.    MK Think also took into account how to best operationalize OUSD resolutions to best utilize district facilities.  When developing an accurate estimate of utilization rates they use enrollment forecasts to determine how many general-purpose classrooms each school needs, along with specialized classrooms like Special ed. classrooms, computer labs, science labs, music, and drama.  Part of the site’s utilization also includes a parent resource room at each site. 


    Deferred projects from Measure J were considered as high priority.  Some of those projects include the modernization of McClymonds, replacing a burned down cafeteria and kitchen at Claremont Middle School, and the modernization of Roosevelt Middle School.  Other needs that we hope to address include seismic upgrades for some of our buildings, workforce housing, and Childhood Development Centers. The Facilities Master Plan also helped us to prioritize what deficiencies we need to focus on. OUSD uses The Facilities Master Plan as a tool when we consider the different cohorts going through the Blueprint for Quality Schools process to optimize improving facilities for high-quality educational programs.  Our students and staff are grateful to Oakland voters for having approved past bonds and the current Measure Y Bond.  


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