Facilities Master Plan 2019-2020



    A school-district’s Facilities Master Plan describes a set of building and renovation projects that a district will pursue to support its educational mission. Example projects may include:


    1. Modernizing aging campuses and improving deficient buildings


    2. Constructing or modifying buildings to align with changing demographics


    3. Investing in facilities to improve operations, such as improved food systems, energy efficiency, or transportation Facilities Master Plans involve documenting physical needs at campuses, projecting demographic trends, and estimating future project costs.


    A complete Facilities Master Plan will provide a road map for School District investment and enable a district to secure independent funding through a General Obligation Bond.




    Three main goals of the 2019 OUSD Facilities Master Plan are:


    1. Ensure that investment in schools aligns with the district’s strategic Citywide Plan over the next 5-10 years


    2. Provide transparency to the public on what projects are being funded and the data that informs the decisions


    3. Enable the district to put a Bond on the 2020 ballot so that Oakland’s voters may elect to invest in schools.


    By virtue of work done in support of OUSD’s Citywide Plan, much of the foundational work that precedes a typical Facilities Master Plan has already been done. Thus for OUSD, the 2019 Facilities Master Plan will involve organizing and validating information rather than starting from scratch.


    Who will be driving this work?

    MK Think is a forward-thinking architecture and planning firm. For the last eighteen years, we have created plans and designs that help our clients identify and secure new revenue sources, decrease expenses, close deficit gaps and develop capital investment programs. We come with decades of experience and take pride in the
    success of our work. We specialize in:
    • Innovative planning strategies that cultivate robust economic development while honoring the cultures, characters and values of our clients and their stakeholders.


    • Capital optimization, prioritization, and expenditure avoidance to ensure our clients save money and critical resources -- savings that can be redirected for higher value impact.


    • Thorough data-based understanding and digital modeling methods help our clients make decisions that are well-informed and backed by quantitative metrics.


    • Collection, synthesis and analysis of user needs and physical assets to make the best-informed decisions at the systems level.


    • A unique commitment to transparent, fun and insightful community engagement that leverages the latest technology-enabled methods.

Archived Documents

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    OUSD Board Facilities Committee Meeting held on September 13th, 2019




    OUSD Board Facilities Committee Meeting held on June 14th, 2019