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    Takalam Summer 2022 Schedule > June 6th - July 21st, 2022



    Takalam is a summer leadership and digital literacy program for Arab high school students to uplift voices for advocacy, representation, and civic engagement.  


    Takalam is co-sponsored by OUSD APISA, Arab Film & Media Institute, KDOL Youth Beat, Arab Resource & Organizing Center, and the American Association of Yemeni Students & Professionals.

    OUSD students who complete the program will earn up to a $1,000 stipend.

    Thank you to Measure N and OFCY for funding ECCCO Internships!

    The program begins with one week of workshops led by the Arab Resource & Organizing Center on Arab American history and community leadership, followed by 6 weeks of intensive film making and animation with Youth Beat.

    AROC's Schedule:

    • Week 1: Arab Youth Summer Leadership Institute (Location: 518 Valencia, SF, CA)
      • June 6, 2022-June 10, 2022
    • June 6: Introduction and Oppression 101
        • Monday - 10:am-4:30pm
    • June 7:  History of Arab Resistance/Migration & Mural Walk 
        • Tuesday - 10:am-4:30pm
    • June 8: Grassroots Organizing 101 & Art Making
        • Wednesday - 10:am-4:30pm
    • June 9: Our Shared Struggles: Arab Representation in the classroom and Campaign Development 
        • Thursday - 10:am-4:30pm 
    • June 10:  Liberation From Here to Our Homelands and Celebration
      • Friday - 10:am-4:30pm

    Youth Beat's Schedule:

    Youth Beat (Location: KDOL TV, 286 E 10th St., Oakland, CA)

      • Week 2, 6/13-16: Passion Project 
    • Monday - Thursday 12pm-5pm | Daily Schedule:
    • Session I: 12-12:40pm Family Groups 
    • Session II: 12:40-2/2:30 Workshop 
    • Independent Work: 2:30 3pm Break 
    • Session III: 3-5pm , Workshops Special Guests & Screenings
      • Week 3, 6/20-23: Community Profiles 
    • Monday - Thursday 12pm-5pm 
      • Week 4, 6/27-6/30:  Community Profiles 
    • Monday - Thursday 12pm-5pm 
      • Week 5, 7/5-7/7: Show Not Tell - Narrative Film 1
    • Monday - Thursday 12pm-5pm 
      • Week 6, 7/11-14: Final Project 
    • Monday - Thursday 12pm-5pm 
      • Week 7, 7/18-21: Final Project 

    OUSD ECCCO (Explore Career, College & Community Options) interns will attend Monday morning meetings 9-11:30 am with school site Work-Based Learning staff to support your internship experience and to build career development skills each week.

    For weeks 2-7, students will work with KDOL Youth Beat Future Filmmakers Program to create short films.

    Coordinator Contact Information:

    OUSD - jehan.hakim@ousd.org

    Youth Beat - sagesse@youthbeat.org

    AROC - nour@araborganizing.org 


    AROC Summer Institute (OPEN):

    Arab Youth Organizing (AYO!), the youth arm of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC) is excited to announce our Bay Area Arab Youth Summer Institute! Arab youth will engage in programming to develop their leadership skills, build with community and celebrate Arab history and culture.

    Where: Summer institute will be in-person at 518 Valencia Street, San Francisco CA. Transportation support will also be available. 
    When: It is scheduled for Monday June 6th - Friday June 10th from 10:00 am to 4:30pm.
    Who: The institute is for Arab youth ages 14-22. It is FREE of charge and breakfast and lunch will be provided. 
    Deadline: deadline to apply is May 29.
    Register at link below:



    Youth Beat Summer Program (OPEN):

    For complete descriptions of all programs please go to www.youthbeat.org/apply.  If you have any further questions you can email sagesse@youthbeat.org or antonia@youthbeat.org


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