Congratulations to our 2018-19 Classified Employees of the Year!

  • CSEY 2018-19


    OUSD Classified Employees of the Year with Board of Education Directors and the Superintendent

    Front Row, L to R: Margaret Aiyegbusi, Curtis Devereaux, Karen Bullocks, Dana Wood and Yolanda Cox.
    (Not pictured: Gregory Brumfield)


    April 23, 2019: Alameda County Office of Education names Gregory Brumfield, Yolanda Cox and Dana Wood as Alameda County Classified Employees of the Year! Read More

  • Margaret Aiyegbusi

    Margaret Aiyegbusi
    Para Educator & Instructional Assistance

    Margaret Aiyegbusi, a Para Educator at Bella Vista Elementary School is commended and recognized, first and foremost, for consistency in performing her duties in an optimal fashion. Whether attending team meetings, supporting often extreme, complex student medical and health needs, engaging students to meet Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals, or simply “being there” for her students, she is known for her exemplary work. Her communication and professionalism are unparalleled and Ms. Aiyegbusi is regarded as a calming, reliable presence, always willing and able to cover the classroom or other people’s duties when necessary, cheerfully and without complaint.


    Ms. Aiyegbusi is known for “above and beyond.” Colleagues say that for her, it is all about the child first, and she is said to treat her coworkers and the Bella Vista students like family. She is celebrated for finding joy in serving students, keeping her team together, and improving programs so more families can also call Bella Vista Elementary School their second home. Thank you and congratulations Ms. Aiyegbusi!


    Yolanda Cox


    Yolanda Cox
    Child Nutrition

    Yolanda Cox, Food Service Assistant I at Burckhalter Elementary School is commended and recognized for always operating as though every student were her own child or grandchild; she is known for her very deep relationships with the families of her school community. Adamant that students must have access to fresh food, she works in conjunction with the Wellness Campaign Coordinator, the PTO, and the Dad’s Club to ensure this target is realized. It is clear to those who work with her that Ms. Cox maintains an organized, sanitary and welcoming cafeteria while contributing significantly to the school community. Because of the depth of her relationship building, parents return regularly to give Ms. Cox updates on their children.


    Known as a master at her job, she has assisted in the training of new employees, and, as a result of her influence and thoroughness, many that she has supported have grown to become excellent District employees. Because of Ms. Cox, a student who had formerly been uncommunicative in the school community began speaking with Ms. Cox due to her kindness and attention. She displays leadership talents as she calls upon all resident adults to function “in loco parentis,” (in place of parents) which she demonstrates on a daily basis. Thank you and congratulations Ms. Cox!


    Ms. Cox was also named an Alameda County Classified Employee of the Year!


    Dana Wood


    Dana Wood
    Maintenance, Operations and Facilities

    Bridges Academy Custodian Dana Wood is commended and recognized because, beyond an affinity for keeping the entire school squeaky clean, he is a bright presence in the school community. He greets every single student and makes each one feel welcomed and special. SDC students especially have a great deal of trust in Mr Wood and he is able to decrease tension and prevent situations from escalating by consistently taking the time to talk with students.


    Before coming to Bridges, Mr. Wood  worked with students with Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) issues and his colleagues say that he uses these skills on a daily basis, adding auxiliary value to his role as Custodian. The entire school community counts on him and his work is always exemplary. A natural leader, he is known for taking initiative and helping his colleagues when they most need it. Coworkers say Mr. Wood demonstrates the District value of Cultural Responsiveness, learning Spanish as an additional way to communicate with the community he serves. Thank you and congratulations Mr. Wood!


    Mr. Wood was also named an Alameda County Classified Employee of the Year!

  • Curtis Devereaux


    Curtis Devereaux
    School Security and Support

    Curtis Devereaux, School Security Officer at Lafayette Elementary School, is commended and recognized for what his colleagues call his “incredible skills.” Colleagues say his role as a School Security Officer does not do justice to all that he offers the school community. He is a mentor on campus - someone students feel safe to go to when they need support - and he is naturally skilled at diffusing student stress.


    Mr. Devereaux is known for using various high-level strategies to relate with students in a way that is de-escalating instead of provocative. He is also celebrated for the depth of his relationships, not only with on-site staff, but also with outside contractors who are not District employees, which makes a big difference to his school community. Mr. Devereaux is affectionately known for his humor and for emulating the District value of Joy. Thank you and congratulations Mr. Devereaux.




    Karen Bullocks


    Karen Bullocks
    Office and Technical

    Karen Bullocks, Administrative Assistant II at Glenview Elementary School, is commended and recognized for being proactive in her work while anticipating requirements and deadlines that need to be met. She is able to prioritize her work and thoroughly follow through on all aspects of her tasks. While this characteristic makes her excellent in her role, colleagues say it is the addition of the intangible that makes her such a wonderful employee. She notices when students are in the office for emotional needs and supports them by providing safe and warm guidance and she often wears the hats of counselor and nurse. Ms. Bullocks has an excellent work ethic; everything she does is to the highest standard on behalf of her school community, and she makes it known that she feels privileged to do so.


    Ms. Bullocks utilizes countless relationships she has formed over 23 years in the District to support her administrative staff in ways rarely found at the school site level. She is celebrated as a servant leader and a shining example of the sort of employee who quietly and thoroughly does her job and makes the people she supports look their best. Thank you and congratulations Ms. Bullocks!



    Greg Brumfield


    Gregory Brumfield


    Gregory Brumfield, Truck Driver for the Warehouse and Distribution Division, is commended and recognized for the extraordinarily consistent way he continues to be what a coworker calls “impeccable", after 27 years with the District. He is known for delivering a level of work that has not waned even slightly over the years. He knows all aspects of the job, is a solid communicator, and understands logistics and timelines in a way that allows his coworkers to operate without concern, trusting that the job will be done on time and in good order.


    Mr. Brumfield delivers instructional equipment such as computers and books; however, Nutrition Services is the area he most supports. On a daily basis, he delivers breakfast, lunch and after-school meals and there are instances when two drivers out of a total five are off, which adds to his work load. But that’s Mr. Brumfield, always going above and beyond. Mr. Brumfield recently took time to support a fellow driver put emphasis on his health, which was just the boost his colleague needed to continue and become better at his job. Mr. Brumfield is respectful, professional and an excellent team player and community member. Thank you and congratulations Mr. Brumfield!


    Mr. Brumfield was also named an Alameda County Classified Employee of the Year!